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Rain Man saluted pengci first staged drama hit before (Figure) – Sohu news pengci pengci male male salute ground circle of friends hot pengci male in October 29th, a WeChat news Enshi public attention by sports circle: Market Street entrance, a man in the rain in front of the ground, the best performances, the intention of passing errors the female owner. The sign of action is the first "salute", the owners of more than men. On the morning of October 29th, the Enshi public Zhang drove through the sports street food market entrance, suddenly a middle-aged man appeared in front of the car, the car to a ceremony, and then slowly fell in front of the car, said the car was touched. Let Ms. Zhang is angry, next to someone jumped out, not to say that she hit people. 10 am, Ms. Zhang called the police, and the matter has been issued in the circle of friends in WeChat. After receiving the alarm, Enshi City Public Security Bureau police station rushed to the scene of the Wuyang police station, the man was lying in front of Zhang’s car. Subsequently, the police will be brought back to the police station for further investigation. Ms. Zhang then provides the car tachograph, a complete record of the whole process of pengci man. Police investigation and evidence collection, found that Zhang’s behavior in violation of the provisions of the People’s Republic of China Public Security Administration Punishment Law forty-ninth, constitute fraud violations. Currently, Zhang has been given administrative detention according to law. Things in the WeChat circle of friends after fermentation, Enshi found that many drivers, the man often appeared in the sports street, along the road area, there is a sign of action: pengci salute. There are victims in the WeChat ridicule, respect a gift 500, really expensive. Enshi City Public Security Bureau to remind the driver: if you encounter suspected pengci people, must be rational treatment, not because the impulse to lose money or trouble. To take advantage of the timely use of mobile phones to take pictures and videos, retain good evidence, if there are witnesses around, ask them to testify. The most critical is timely alarm processing.相关的主题文章: