Real estate has just begun a good

Good day real estate has just started the real estate Wantong chairman Feng Lun in the next stage, housing is still the focus of the long-term development of China, but will be transferred to the 345 line of the city, because the per capita GDP and most of the city is far not reached $8000, development space is still very large. In fact, the real estate industry is still in the summer, the future of the road is still very long, our good days have just begun. A good day for the real estate has just begun Peking University graduate students who had a genius, when he was on the undergraduate, opened a window in Peking University to sell train tickets. Because he found that when the annual Spring Festival, the train ticket is very crowded, so he began to study the train ticket, the ticket between principle and site links, each window of time and ticket sales staff of this information research thoroughly, then began to sell train tickets. His reputation is very good, we all know that he is here to buy a simple and convenient, but must be able to buy. When he was a graduate student in philosophy, he was asked why he chose philosophy. He said he thought he was a philosopher, because he had to ask a question every day: from where, where to go? This is the ultimate question of philosophy. We often ask ourselves this question, from Kenya to Mars, or from Alaska, to go to Jupiter? So we have to go to the real estate field? In the past, we are collectively referred to as "real estate development enterprise", are the development of residential, and now the breakdown of residential real estate, commercial real estate, real estate investment…… The business model of the various segments are evolving. Take the commercial real estate sector, part of the housing prices have entered a new model: to sell rent, sell a part, and then leave part of the rental, to rent the capital to drive back. Coupled with the support of the banking sector, the rental business to a certain stage, the use of operating loans to get the money back. This is the Hongkong housing prices do things. They are also beginning to residential, later with the development of Hongkong, began to take the residential and commercial cooperation, to the development of the "community commercial" stage, mainly commercial shopping centers and affiliated hotels, office buildings, residential buildings and a very close relationship, so you can sell some or all of the residential, to support commercial development. But this model is only transitional. With the development of our economy and the change of the land system and the market, after the per capita GDP reached 15 thousand U.S. dollars, this model will slow down or even stop, and then enter the next model: light asset model. For example, asset light model to do a good business, 2/3 of the assets are assets, net profit of 1/3, the remaining 1/3 direct investment assets provide a net profit of 2/3. It has more than a dozen funds, there are also vertical horizontal investment, through the cooperation fund, capital market, industrial three subtle, eventually making it to get high returns on capital, among the large real estate companies listed in Asia is the highest. Light asset model is actually the American model相关的主题文章: