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Real Madrid players spending ranked only fortieth president: strong enough people do not buy Real Madrid (data) President [] award status Satisfaction Team Real Madrid opened the new season will be the first crown top podium Tencent sports news September 1st Spain "Aspen" news, at a ceremony at the Royal horse business, President Florentino talked about the club did not cause much signings in the summer, in the eyes of Lafayette, Real Madrid squad has been unprecedented power, without the need for reinforcements. The transfer market this summer, a lot of teams are big signings, including the club’s biggest rival Basa (official data), in the transfer market, Enrique’s team spent 122 million euros, the introduction of Andre – Gomes, Umm Titi, Paco, Di, Larsen and D- Suarez West pinch. Real Madrid is quiet a lot, only money is 30 million euros to repurchase morata, and in the eyes of many media, this transaction strictly speaking is not a real signings. From the club’s summer window spending chart, Real Madrid ranked only fortieth, which is obviously not the same as their super rich and Champions League status. As everyone knows that Florentino is a love snare top stars is the chairman, but this year the summer window, he was the opposite of ", on the sidelines of a business, Lafayette out really, this is a challenging season, we won the Super Cup and the first two games of the season, we have a great squad, has been impossible to improve. In addition, we have a coach like Zidane, his contribution is indispensable." Real Madrid from the lineup, the four line, indeed there are many star Yazhen, and don’t have obvious shortcomings, Florentino’s argument has some truth, but if there is no fresh blood enough, first team players also have the possibility of slack. (Brooke)相关的主题文章: