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Really have no sense of frustration Mai Rui Bao XL hybrid version of the car Sohu experience – page first: two planetary gear motor E electric Sohu [park] with double motor in Chinese market, mentioned hybrid, most people think of TOYOTA. The situation may change. SAIC GM at the 2016 Beijing auto show, a high-profile launch of three new energy models, and will be listed during the year. In the early years, to the general China market Lacrosse hybrid models. Today’s general, in terms of how to do hybrid, we start from Mai Rui Bao XL mixed start. Dual motor with two planetary gear in the general Mai Rui Bao XL above the use of this hybrid system, from its increasing program electric vehicle Chevrolet VOLT technology accumulation, the core of which is EVT gearbox. The EVT is composed of two motors and two planetary gears and two permanent magnet synchronous clicks, which control the power distribution of the two motors and the gasoline engine by the combination of the clutch. Although Atkinson did not see the words circulating in the propaganda, but in the engine part of this hybrid system, also used the cam phase technology, can delay the intake valve closing time, the engine between the Otto cycle and Atkinson cycle switch. Of course, the general SIDI direct injection technology is also applied on the new 1.8L engine, and joined the EGHR engine exhaust heat recovery technology, can use the heat of exhaust gas to the optimal working temperature into the engine. Mai Rui Bao XL hybrid vehicle battery pack arranged in the trunk, with three yuan of lithium and similar tesla. The difference is that the general purpose of the core is not 18650 specifications, but the use of rectangular design. This design is easier to control the temperature, while improving the space utilization. Although the battery capacity reached 1.5kWh, more than the current sale of the majority of hybrid models, but Mai Rui Bao XL hybrid models do not provide power options. In other words, the owners can not choose the vehicle’s drive, power distribution by the independent control of the vehicle, you just need to step on the accelerator. Although the shift lever provides a shift button, but this gear only determines the strength of the kinetic energy recovery. L1 block the energy recovery efforts, can replace nearly daily driving in a touch on the brakes, used after can reduce the abrasion of brake disc. The maximum output power of this system is 135kW, the peak torque is 380Nm. The official 0-100km h acceleration time is 8.8s, and we measured the score of 9.8s. In the initial stage of the vehicle to start the YISHION point mode, and then into the low-speed mixed mode, the torque can be fully released, there has been a brief slip phenomenon. After more than 90km h speed, vehicle speed by hybrid mode switch to pay more attention to the economy of the high speed hybrid mode, the output power decreases slightly slower, acceleration. In terms of braking, Mai Rui Bao XL hybrid models do quite well, kinetic energy recovery and braking switch can hardly be detected, but also did not affect the overall braking strength of the linear. (Editor: He Ning)相关的主题文章: