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Red rice Note 4 release: midline symmetry design cures "obsessive" Sina mobile phone news on August 25th morning news, millet and red rice China Mobile held a new conference in Beijing, launched its Note series of new machines Note 4 red rice. Integrated metal body red rice Note 4 metal body design, with CNC cutting process. Relative to the previous generation of the use of part of the body of the red rice Note 3, red rice Note 4 looks more texture. Red rice Note 4 back with the number 205 ceramic sandblasting process, increasing the overall sense of hierarchy and corrosion resistance. It is worth mentioning that the red rice Note 4 design is almost symmetrical design to meet the needs of obsessive-compulsive disorder crowd. More storage space for a mobile phone positioning thousand yuan, the general body storage space is not too large, 32GB had a high version of the thousand machines. The launch of the red rice Note 4 body storage space increased to 64GB. On the basis of the previous upgrade to a level, and also supports microSD expansion, according to the official statement is to strive to step in place". In addition, the red rice Note4 continuation of the characteristics of the previous generation of high-capacity batteries, with a capacity of 4100 MAH battery, can bring lasting endurance. The factory is equipped with MIUI 8 red rice Note will be equipped with the latest release of millet millet stable version of the MIUI 4. MIUI 8 brings more features to red rice Note 4. Among them, mobile phone spare function allows the user to have two Android system on a mobile phone, through the different fingerprint can enter different systems, applications, data between different systems completely isolated, do not interfere with each other. Hardware, red rice Note 4 has a 5.5 inches 1920*1080 resolution screen, equipped with Helio X20 ten core processor, supplemented by 2GB 3GB memory +16GB 64GB fuselage storage combination. Camera, red rice Note 4 main camera is 13 million pixels, front camera is 5 million pixels. Support for post fingerprint identification, support for mobile 4G+ network, support for full Netcom dual sim dual standby. With gold, silver, gray color optional. Finally, we are most concerned about is the price of red rice Note 4 16G version is priced at 899 yuan, 64GB version priced 1199 yuan, will be held on August 26th at the mall millet, millet home, China Mobile online shopping mall and other electricity supplier channels stock on sale. At the same time as China Mobile’s entire network marketing products, it will also be in China Mobile 20 thousand mobile business hall and more than 100 thousand social stores sales. Sina comments: as a thousand flagship machine, red rice Note 4 configuration is still very good, especially after the upgrade of the fuselage storage space. The red rice Note 4 and before the red rice Pro configuration in general, in addition to the latter has a dual camera and Type-C interface, millet also gives them the difference between the price. Su hang;相关的主题文章: