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The past and present _ RMB the exchange _ of sina _ sina.com.cn in our life all cannot do without something that is rmb. We need to buy things RMB, when you can not spend time merchants will find us, we can follow the feeling will be able to distinguish the authenticity of the. But whether we know from the beginning of our country to issue banknotes to now has experienced from scratch, from weak to strong progressive development mode. One of our country, the basic situation of RMB banknotes in December 1, 1948, people’s Bank began to issue RMB Chinese establishment has issued five sets of anti-counterfeiting technology, from easy to difficult, step by step to continuously improve, towards the world of banknote printing and Minting industry advanced ranks, through the study on the evolution process of anti – counterfeit measures, you will find, is engaged in the mint, the currency ancestors with their own wisdom and sweat, and with superhuman perseverance, and dauntless courage to the spirit of innovation, make RMB security of the Great Wall of steel. The first set of RMB issuance began in December 1, 1948 to December 1953, 5 years, issued a total of 12 denominations, 62 Edition (Note: edited by Zhang Xinzhi, Wang Xuewen, Qiao Chuanyi’s "RMB banknote collectors ceremony" a book for the 60 edition of May 10, 1955), all out of circulation. The second set of RMB issuance began in March 1, 1955 to April 20, 1962, 7 years, issued a total of 11 denominations, 13 edition, 1953 edition of 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 3 yuan ticket (commonly known as the "Su three coins") in April 15, 1964 to stop the flow, the rest of the bonds in January 1, 1999 to stop circulation. The third set of RMB issuance began in April 20, 1962 to January 5, 1974, 12 years, issued a total of 7 denominations, 13 p.. July 1, 2000 to stop circulation; circulation time of up to thirty-eight years, is currently China’s longest circulation of a set of rmb. The fourth set of RMB issuance began in April 27, 1987 to April 1, 1997, 10 years, issued a total of 9 denominations, 14 edition, is still in circulation. The fifth set of RMB issuance began in October 1, 1999 to August 2016, a total of 17 years in issue 12 p.. At present, the market circulation of RMB fourth yuan (the number is very small, most of the public, the market has no trace) fifth set of RMB 1999 edition (the stock market also declined year by year, new difficult), 2005 (the market main body, 100 yuan coupons will be put with the 2015 edition of the year by year the 2015 edition, reduce). Two, the paper proof measures the application and development of the first set of RMB issued on the occasion, when the war of liberation of the country, has not been established, all for war, so is the currency. The people’s Liberation Army where to, where India yuan, therefore, the first issue of RMB under the conditions at that time constraints, the use of paper are also materials, there is no uniform standard of paper, has received the Kuomintang yinchaochang banknote paper, banknote paper imported from russia. A lot of bills have paper s相关的主题文章: