RMB exchange rate hit a new low of six years, how to protect the money bag of the class four remonstrate

RMB exchange rate hit a new low of six years, how to defend the money bag of 6.7558, which is on Friday, the China Foreign Exchange Trading Center announced the latest exchange rate against the U.S. dollar, the central parity, but also the lowest point in the past six years in the value of the. The national day today, the central parity of RMB has depreciated from 6.69 to 6.75, the speed of the market unexpected. Since August 11, 2015 the central bank to start the RMB exchange rate quotation mechanism reform, the RMB against the U.S. dollar cumulative depreciation rate of more than 10%. Ordinary people, there are four types of people are most sensitive to exchange rate changes, the face of exchange rate risk, these four types of people should pay close attention to the market, the exchange rate fluctuations on the impact of the bag to the lowest level. – investors must not blindly follow the trend of the RMB QDII and A stocks most are highly correlated, the devaluation of the renminbi is expected once formed, mostly with the A shares fell. At this time a lot of investors will look to overseas assets, QDII fund as a low threshold of dollar assets investment channels, favored by investors. According to statistics, in the first three quarters of this year, A shares performed poorly, the Shanghai Composite Index fell by 15.10%, equity funds, index funds and hybrid funds average yield were negative. In contrast, about 90% of the QDII fund has achieved positive returns. In this case, the QDII fund has become xiangbobo. Manulife TEDA October 12th issue QDII fund, Manulife TEDA Asian bonds sold out in one day in the morning, the day has been more than 700 million yuan to raise the size limit, announced the same day raised ahead of the end. However, Li Jia, director of fiscal investment to remind investors to invest in the fourth quarter of this year is about to usher in a series of risk events abroad, the financial market volatility will rise significantly, investors should be appropriate to reduce the allocation of overseas assets. Before and after the election of U.S. stocks may be more volatile, and as an indicator of overseas stock markets, natural impact will be very wide. Look at the European market, as the British retreat European Italy constitutional referendum, may further fermentation of the Deutsche Bank events, global economic growth is down IMF, the European Central Bank to consider withdrawing from the European version of QE news and so on, to the four quarter of the peripheral "black swan" incidents." Li Jia said, according to the international environment, adjust the asset allocation to tactical investors in the four quarter, reducing the proportion of foreign investment and the proportion of investment risk for offbeat, recede. – students real exchange rate with the exchange rate forecast students in foreign students has great and urgent needs to purchase foreign exchange, so the exchange rate is the most sensitive. Some students said they were most concerned about the real exchange rate. Hu, a sophomore studying in Canada, said she would not spend too much energy to focus on the prediction of the exchange rate. She believes that even the experts is very reasonable, the argument is also very good, but the results may also be because of some unforeseen circumstances and deviation, and once the prediction is not accurate, this "misleading" will bring more losses to her. "For example, if I’m going to pay my tuition next week, but I hear experts predict that the yuan will appreciate next week, so I would like to wait until the next week after the appreciation of the renminbi and the Canadian dollar. But I did not expect a week after the devaluation of the renminbi, but I have to believe in the expert’s prediction and pay more.相关的主题文章: