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Rokid founder readme: in their choice of road, winter is just another kind of scenery – Sohu technology editor’s note: Rokid is the artificial intelligence enterprise established two years, as the former Alibaba founder Misa M studio leader, responsible for the development of deep learning, vision and Natural Language Processing. In the second half of last year, Rokid launched a desktop robot, the robot due to the unique shape of the water droplets and excellent human-computer interaction to get great attention in the industry. At the same time, as the founder of Rokid Misa, the media rarely, little known to the outside world on the road of entrepreneurship Rokid. This article describes the Misa, Rokid how to step by step to the present, how to adhere to the artificial intelligence in the winter. In June 2010, we made a decision to start a small company to sell to the Alibaba, I also led the team to join ali. I remember a time when I had a chat with my boss. He asked me, "if we don’t buy your company, how will you go on?" I answered him: "we should do the exploration of artificial intelligence products," then we also think that is a joke. After working for 4 years in Ali, in 2014, I made an application for leave, the boss asked me to talk to me and asked what I thought, I replied: "I told you about 4 years ago". I also told him that Ali gave me enough space and freedom to do my own direction, the reason to leave, because the next two to three years, artificial intelligence will rapidly, we must start to have the ability and strength of the enterprises on the same stage at that time. After leaving Ali, I gathered a group of young people from all over the country moved to Hangzhou, the founder of the Rokid, we determine the next although artificial intelligence technology will have a big breakthrough, but the general intelligence also need a long fumble, should do a kind of product cost of hardware and software integration in a particular scene, so as to polish all the details of experience we choose, each link, including the design, software, hardware, algorithms, cloud computing will own master. At the beginning of the establishment, Rokid has its own research team, in addition to self research projects also select and follow up the latest research results, the first day we are exploring research and product design companies. 2014 is the investment boom years, everyone is talking about the air flying pig, a large number of O2O, social, electricity providers and intelligent Hard Suits Inc funding and attention, while the artificial intelligence is a very popular business direction, the direction of the company basic one hand can count, now these friends are still often from. Because of this field so popular, that we don’t intend to open the risk seeking support investment institutions, some of the early money is that the sale of the company’s savings, there are also some friends heard the news of generosity. The bag of my senior (91 CEO, MFund Hu Zemin), my old leader (one of the 18 founders Ali Wu Yongming), and friends (Jiang Haotian, Aurora Borealis investment) then fledgling Fund (linear capital Wang Huai and Zhang Sichuan).  相关的主题文章: