Running and playing the role play Small series of conscience measured 10 fitness

Running and playing the role play? Xiao Bian measured 10 conscience fitness APP review: live in "moving up to fashion the moment, usually busy with work as the dog, and no way to go swimming every day and play, but can not guarantee often do some outdoor sports…… Then, the mobile phone with practice "has become an inevitable choice for the busy part. Accordingly, a variety of fitness related APP also quickly occupied the big guy’s cell phone memory. Mobile phone has not been a few sports APP are embarrassed to say that they are fashionable people ah! However, sometimes after downloading these APP found bad or not suitable for their own after unloading…… Back and forth several times not to hold down, is to practice a few times but abandoned. In the end which is the real belongs to you that one? Understanding Xiao Bian personally help you measured 10 current popular fitness APP, may be you are using, may also have you don’t know. If you are looking for a suitable fitness APP, may wish to look down. First of all, in order to ensure that we are testing App is to download more, have a certain quality assurance, we from the App Store free downloads up to Top100 to pick out all the exercise related App, finally, we comprehensive ranking, the visibility of other factors selected one of the 10 models to be measured. We selected 10 of the most popular sports APP experienced a further, considering the difference between different systems and different mobile phone downloads, we use IOS to test the 5 apps, Android system test another 5. (Disclaimer: This paper does not contain any promotion of commercial cooperation, purely artificial measurement, conscience content ~) (IOS test) [keep: customized training is always a routine for you] Keep registration: you can directly use the mobile phone number registered, or the use of micro-blog, WeChat and other fast registration, login is easy to use the experience of speed in general, did not find the phenomenon of flash back, page classification is really simple and clear, try a can easily find the data and page. Custom tailored to their needs of the course, and in accordance with the video and instructions to follow the practice of measurement: can be customized according to their own needs of their own training programs and courses. Keep will be based on your choice of exercise needs, for you to set a cycle within a day of exercise content. Small chose shaping zero based curriculum, a period of two weeks, each course for 19 minutes, you can also set the exercise reminder. Click on the course to enter, you can download the same day. There are video demonstration and detailed training documents, followed by video and audio can be directly practice, the action between the human nature of the arrangement of 30 seconds of rest, followed by practice will not feel tired. The coach is also very high. Besides the voice training, and community functions. Training + interactive features: comprehensive training for different needs. Convenient, detailed course, for different groups have different customized courses can be selected. Body data and training history can be recorded, but also with running GPS function. Suitable for the crowd: Plastic ~相关的主题文章: