Sa Beining is like a variety big brother, CCTV will occupy 5 programs (video)

Sa Beining is like a "variety big brother", CCTV will occupy the 5 program [Abstract]9 on Sept. 20, 2017 CCTV gold resources and national brand planning conference held in Beijing. The promotion, CCTV flagship national brand concept. From the promotion point of view, Qing Dong has been transformed to do the producer, Sa Beining get together, the degree of attention can be seen. Scene pictures Tencent entertainment Wen Wen also September 20th, CCTV 2017 gold resources and the national brand plan conference held in Beijing. The promotion, CCTV flagship national brand concept. From the promotion of the scene, Qing Dong has been transformed to do the producer, is to build their first program. Sa Beining get together presided over by the importance of. In addition, the CCTV 2017 promotion will be what? Tencent entertainment reporter for the first time for you to read. Qing Dong to do the first producer of the transformation of the program "reader" is the focus of promoting variety show promotion, given a separate recommendation seats, a total of three programs. They are "the reader", "Happy Chinese" and "refueling to the future". One of the biggest bright spot is that Qing Dong’s transition to do the producer, "reader" is that it is now doing the program. Recommend scene, laugh at his "good unwinding ordered a" Qing Dong said his program "the reader" is "all for". From the field of broadcast commercials and Qing Dong introduction, this is a big coffee line to invite live reading program. Show guests, Xu Qing, Hu Ge, Jiang Wenli, Ang Lee, Xu Jinglei, Zhang Ziyi, Liu Chuanzhi, Mo Yan, Lang Ping, Jiang Wen, Lang Lang, appeared in commercials. Qing Dong’s personal influence is evident. Why talk about began as producer, Qing Dong said he * * * TV industry has been 21 years, 21 years, Mom ", Qing Dong think it is time to show its own accumulation. The name "reader", it is because everyone more or less from the text get happy. It is better to say that the reader in the dissemination of text, it is better to say that the life behind the text". The positioning of the audience, Qing Dong said "it is difficult to define, only perceptual positioning in the" inner beauty, the material world and feel the power of the crowd". In addition, Qing Dong is also under the accompaniment of cello, violin, electronic organ, read a section of the fall of the memory. At present, this program has not set file. "May be the second half of this year, there may be in the first half of next year, there may be in the second half of next year, what specific time, see you how awesome advertisers", Qing Dong looked at the sponsors said. Sa Beining hosted a variety show together people who have at least 5 stalls site responsible for the variety show is promoted by host Sa Beining, Sa Beining started a self ridicule, "I let me today to do a variety show promotion I was surprised I received yesterday, not legal presenters? Why do I have to recommend variety? The day of the promotion can also be called CCTV host party, Qing Dong, Sa Beining, Ouyang Xiadan and other full attendance. Sa Beining blew his colleagues see him laugh, "you" and "Legal Report presided over the letter now"? Though the words make fun of, also!相关的主题文章: