Samsung’s new end metal exposure eight core processor +3gb storage-helmet怎么读

Samsung’s new mid end metal machine exposure: eight core processor +3GB deposit Samsung Galaxy 2017Galaxy Note A5 emperor debut, Samsung this generation of products is basically complete, it is time to open a new chapter. GeekBench database has appeared in the 2017 version of the third generation Galaxy A5, product number SM-A520F. Galaxy A series is Samsung for young user groups to create stylish metal models, A5 positioning terminal, has been introduced in the two generation (SM-A500F A510F), and the specifications of the third generation will be greatly improved. Among them, the processor for the first time using Exynos 7880, Samsung’s own production, the core of the design of eight, 1.87GHz. Look at the number it should be upgraded version of the Exynos 7870, which is manufactured for the 14nm LPP process, the core of the eight A53, clocked 1.7GHz, integrated GPU Mali-T830 MP2. This is comparable to the current generation using Xiaolong 615 much stronger, although also eight nuclear A53, but the size of the nuclear design, only the frequency of 1.7+1.0GHz, and 28nm LP manufacturing process. In addition, A5 2017 of the memory will be upgraded from 2GB to 3GB. The machine is divided into single core GeekBench 817, multi-core, compared to A5 around 20167203700 points were raised by 13%, 27%.相关的主题文章: