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How to let the baby come on time | Science – Sohu in maternal women and children’s Hospital and the rest area, often hear mothers to chat, have to date, or are overdue, there is no movement or a little baby. In these cases, often let the mothers worry about, baby for fear of repetition, influence of birth. So how can we let the baby come on time? The United States and the midwives to give you a few suggestions, let the baby come on time, but also to make the process more smoothly. I knew, pregnancy more exercise, can contribute to the birth. But exercise can not talk about, or three days fishing nets drying for two days, but a need from the three month of pregnancy began to insist on doing something. Close to the expected date of childbirth, should be used to convey a clear message to the baby, tell him: baby, please work with your mother, you should come out! If there is no movement near the expected date of childbirth, mothers will have to strengthen the movement. Vertical movement can promote the embryo into the basin, but also exercise pelvic floor muscles, increase productivity. However, when moving around someone to accompany, in case of emergency. Taking a walk is the most appropriate way of exercise in the late pregnancy, not only can breathe fresh air, but also to help the fetus down into the basin, relax pelvic ligaments, to prepare for childbirth. Walk to the attention of the pace too slow, can be divided into three times early in the evening, every 20~30 minutes. Gymnastics prenatal gymnastics is very popular in foreign countries, but also can promote the head into the basin, but also to increase the strength and elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles. The following is the basic action of several gymnastics, the prospective mother who can often do at home: a small horse walking along the table, stand evenly on both feet, bend your knees, slowly down the pelvis knees apart, until full flexion. Then, slowly stood up, with legs to pedal, until the legs and pelvis are upright, repeated several times. Rowing leg movement: walking back, left leg right leg fixed, do 360 degree rotation (circle), complete reduction, switch legs to do, sooner or later 5 ~ 6 times. Waist movement: walking back, slowly inhale, and arm, toe up, straight waist, the abdomen close to the back, then slowly exhale, relax foot arms reduction, sooner or later 5 ~ 6 times. Pelvis movement: hands and knees, inhale and bend back, outlet, while the rise, upper back, repeated 10 times. After exercise: supine, deep breath, then long and strong exhale down at the same time as. We often hear about the prospective mother who climb the stairs will help birth, actually climb the stairs for movement in the prospective mother in pregnancy is not scientific, the first is not good for the knees, pregnancy weight is far greater than the prospective mother is not pregnant, knee pressure will be greater, followed by quasi mom stomach is great, can not see their own feet when climbing the stairs, then in order to ease to step on the stairs, I usually keep leaning posture, will result in greater pressure to the waist and abdomen, but also relatively easy to fall. Beauty hospital reminder you must choose to exercise security for the baby to come on time,!相关的主题文章: