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Shandong volunteer tampering case the defendant jailed for parents: do not accept the Sohu news CNR net Heze on October 26th news (reporter Liu Yingchao Shandong station reporter Yu Huishi) according to the China voice of "news" reported yesterday (25) afternoon, Shandong Heze Shanxian County a middle school Chen Zuo tampered with four classmates of College entrance examination in the case of Shanxian County the people’s court. Defendant Chen Chen guilty of destroying the computer system, was sentenced to 7 months. Out of jealousy, the college entrance examination this year, Chen writer secretly remember four students ID number, initial password for login using their volunteer tampering system, causing them to not enter the right to attend college, resulting in adverse social impact. Yesterday afternoon at 3 o’clock, Chen writers tampering with the case of the entrance examination of the candidates in the Shanxian County people’s Court of the 4 people’s court. Judge Zhou Bo said the verdict, Chen writers to modify the data stored in the computer information system, delete, the consequences are serious, the prosecution allegations. The writer consider Chen good attitude, can be given a lighter punishment. "The court held that the defendant Chen writer in violation of state regulations, modify or delete serious consequences of data stored in the computer information system, their behavior has constituted the crime of destroying computer information system, the prosecutor accused guilty, confirm. The defendant Chen writer good attitude, appropriate sentences. According to the defendant’s criminal facts, nature, circumstances and the degree of social harm, in accordance with the "People’s Republic of China 286th" criminal law "provisions of the second paragraph of the judgment, the defendant Chen writers are as follows: make the crime of destroying computer information system, and sentenced to 7 months imprisonment, calculated from the date of execution of the judgment, before the execution of the judgment in custody, the custody of a day is to be shortened by one day". For this result, the defendant Chen said no comment, no appeal. The 4 students were tampered with in the school, did not attend the trial yesterday. Their parents said the verdict can not change an established fact that children can not enter the University, so it will not forgive Chen writer: "I can 7 months satisfactory? He ruined my child’s life, and I can’t accept it. I would like to change my child’s willingness to forgive him, volunteers can not change the past I can not forgive him!" Judge Zhou Bo said, young people should learn the lessons from this case, not only focuses on the learning achievement, should also pay attention to adjust their psychological state; school and society should also strengthen the students’ legal education and mental health education. The defendant’s legal consciousness is weak, he did not think his behavior can bring such serious consequences to the victims. I hate eternal, not only changed the life trajectory of the victim, also changed his life. As students should not only pay attention to their studies, but also to learn more legal knowledge, pay attention to adjust their psychological state. Legal education and mental health education should be paid attention to by the whole society."相关的主题文章: