Shangcai 11 year old boy died of organ donation, once said to protect his mother for life

Shangcai 11 year old boy died sick organ donation said to family life to protect mother son organs donated to people in need in the sad moment, Li Shuanghong and his family decided to donate his organs to the society. Li Shuanghong said with tears, Xiao Bo was very loving, he often take the lead in cleaning in the class, help students extracurricular tutoring; every school donations, he will be the first one to stand out. "We hope to extend the fire of love by donating the organ of the son, and let this love bring happiness and warmth to more people. If the Xiao Bo day, he will agree that we do." Li Shuanghong said. The evening of November 1st, in Henan Province, the red cross organ donation coordinator Ma Yuan, the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University part-time organ donation coordinator Wang Qiuhong as a witness, Xiao Bo parents and grandfather volunteers in the organ donation to sign their name, the son decided to donate organs. Yesterday morning, Xiao Bo stopped beating and breathing in the surgical intensive care unit of the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University. Under the consent of the Bo family, the doctor immediately to Xiao Bo kidney and liver surgery. Before the donation, all the medical staff at the scene bowed to him for a moment of silence. Last night, Li Shuanghong told reporters, after the hospital finished organ removal surgery, she and her family have seen the child’s remains. In November 3rd, they will be cremated in Zhengzhou small Bo body, and bring ashes back home. The organ can at least give 3 patients to bring new yesterday afternoon, deputy director of the the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University renal transplantation Shang Wenjun told reporters that the double kidney beau has passed the examination and further evaluation, they are qualified donors, and timely information will be recorded in the computer system and sharing Chinese human organ allocation system. The system is distributed by computer in accordance with the order of waiting personnel, waiting personnel in the province and waiting personnel in the whole country, and other data such as matching. At present, the kidney has been assigned to the patients in the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, and they will transplant the recipients in time. Bo’s liver is also distributing receptors through the system. "Every donor is great."." Provincial Red Cross related person in charge, small Bo donated organs, at least to 3 patients bring new students. In recent years, with the improvement of people’s awareness, the number of human organs donated has been increasing in our province. When you start donating, there are just a few cases a year. But in the first 10 months of this year, more than 200 people have contributed to the province. It is understood that in July 2011, our province was approved to carry out "human organ donation" work. By the middle of October this year, 518 caring people in our province donated organs after death, and 1492 patients inside and outside the province regained their hope of life. The smallest donor was a child who was born only 3 days.

上蔡11岁男童患病去世捐献器官 曾说要一生保护妈妈   家人将儿子器官捐献给需要的人   在难过一刻,李双红和家人商量后决定:向社会捐献儿子的器官。李双红流着泪说,小博生前就很有爱心,他经常在班里带头打扫卫生,课外帮同学辅导功课;每次学校组织捐款,他也会第一个站出来。“我们希望通过捐献儿子的器官,延续爱的火种,让这份爱给更多的人带来幸福和温暖。若小博在天有灵,他一定也会同意我们这样做的。”李双红说。   11月1日晚,在河南省红十字会器官捐献协调员马媛、郑大一附院兼职器官捐献协调员王秋红的见证下,小博父母和爷爷在器官捐献志愿书上签下各自的名字,决定将儿子的器官进行无偿捐献。   昨天上午,小博在郑大一附院外科重症监护室停止了心跳和呼吸。在小博家人的同意下,医生立即对小博进行肾脏和肝脏摘除手术。捐献前,现场所有医护人员为他鞠躬默哀。   昨晚,李双红告诉记者,医院做完器官摘除手术后,她和家人已见到了孩子遗体。11月3日,他们将在郑州将小博遗体火化,并带骨灰回老家。   器官至少能给3名患者带来新生   昨天下午,郑大一附院肾移植科副主任尚文俊告诉记者,小博的双肾已通过了进一步的检查和评估,均为合格供体,他们及时将信息录入了中国人体器官分配系统与共享计算机系统。该系统按照医院等待人员、省内等待人员和全国等待人员的顺序,结合配型等其他数据,由计算机统一分配。目前,肾脏已确定分配给了郑大一附院的患者,他们也将及时对受体进行移植手术。小博的肝脏也正通过系统分配受体。   “每一个捐献者都很伟大。”省红十字会相关负责人介绍,小博捐献的器官,至少可以给3名患者带来新生。近年来,随着人们意识的提高,我省捐献人体器官的人数一直在增加。刚开始实施捐献时,一年也就几例。但今年单是前10个月,全省已有200多人进行了捐献。   据了解,2011年7月,我省被批准开展“人体器官捐献”工作。截至今年10月中旬,我省已有518位爱心人士在离世后捐出器官,1492名省内外的患者重新获得生的希望。其中,最小的一个捐献者为出生仅3天的孩子。相关的主题文章: