Shanxi police busted two computer baccarat gambling dens – Beijing

Shanxi police busted two "computer baccarat gambling dens" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Taiyuan August 26th news (reporter Hu Jingguo, Sun Liangquan) 26 reporters from the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau was informed that the police recently in rural Shuozhou successfully destroyed two of the gambling baccarat gambling machine dens, seized 20 people involved on the spot, seized 46 gambling machines. The afternoon of August 12th, the Shanxi provincial public security department received the report, a large group of people in the territory of Shuozhou Huairen County gambling. 13 morning, Shanxi provincial public security corps action team of police organization in the initial identification of gambling facts, respectively, on the same day 16 PM and 21 PM, in Huairen County before Mao Zao Zhen Village Reservoir idle room, Mao Zao Zhen Dazhai village in an abandoned classroom successfully destroyed two by "hundreds of music" gambling machine gambling dens, seized 20 suspects on the spot and seized 46 gambling machines, including "computer baccarat" gambling machine 14, "poker machine gambling machine 1 group 1," fishing machine "gambling machine 3 group 24, seized gambling money 22 thousand yuan. Before the investigation, Mao Zao Zhen Village Reservoir gambling dens, crime suspect Wang in August 9th and he suspects a link price to 3000 yuan monthly rent the idle real casino opened. Subsequently, the suspect Lee, Liu Moulei is responsible for the "baccarat" installation, Wu Mouyong is responsible for recruiting gamblers, Wang, Xu is responsible for the daily management. The gang began gambling since August 11th, August 13th checked. Huairen County Dazhai Mao Zao Zhen Village abandoned classroom seized gambling dens is a Yingxian County man, the man who in August 9th the computer "baccarat" placement in the abandoned classroom, said other casinos opened profits after the owner to Ma Mouliang returns, has not yet opened, it was the police investigation.相关的主题文章: