Shanxi Provincial Association issued a warning of National Day holiday to avoid consumption

Shanxi province Consumers Association issued a warning to the National Day holiday travel to avoid consumer disputes Sanjin Metropolis Daily News (reporter He Yumei) with the "eleven" the arrival of the National Day vacation, travel as many consumers preferred leisure consumption. In order to avoid unpleasant consumption disputes when traveling, the provincial Consumers Association issued the consumer alert No. twelfth in 2016, which reminds consumers to pay attention to the following aspects when traveling. First, offered consumers before the trip, should first check the travel agency business qualification, certification is complete, but also on the degree of credibility. In the face of cheap temptation, consumers need to estimate the reliability of a reasonable choice according to their own ability to bear the travel route; when signing a contract, to read the terms of the contract provided by travel agency carefully, clear line, transportation, dining, accommodation standards, shopping time and times. To see the terms, and to communicate and feedback in time for the part that you do not understand or have doubts, so that we can do nothing. Two, in order to avoid accidents, when consumers sign a travel agency, it is best to ask if all kinds of accident insurance include all kinds of accident insurance, including the means of transportation, attractions, shopping and various kinds of accident insurance. If not, you can buy one for yourself before you go on a trip. In addition, the elderly and children will increase the cost of additional fees, and the cost of increase is reasonable, these matters should be clear in advance. Three, whether s tourism, or self driving travel, consumers are paying close attention to all kinds of security problems, must strictly comply with the tour guides and local attractions that don’t want to see the sea to swim; you want to see the original forest exploration into animal ecological park; the blind off camera, to prevent irreparable damage. At the same time, consumers should pay attention to shopping places recommended by tour guides or local escort when shopping, avoid "being slaughtered", pay attention to diet hygiene while eating, pay special attention to local eating habits, guard against thieves and prevent property theft during traveling. Four, during the course of the trip, consumers should ask the other party to have regular invoices when they are shopping or receiving service. Some travel agencies or scenic spots are often issued receipts receipts, or after the receipt of receipts after the receipt of the "fill" the formal invoice. For these situations, consumers should ask the other party to write "promise to enjoy the same rights with regular invoices or to make up regular invoices" and other commitments, so that there will be no valid vouchers for consumer disputes and no legal rights and interests can be maintained.

山西省消协发布警示 国庆长假出行避免消费纠纷   三晋都市报讯(记者何玉梅)随着“十一”国庆长假的到来,外出旅游成为众多消费者休闲消费的首选。为避免在旅游时出现不愉快的消费纠纷,省消协发布2016年第12号消费警示,提醒广大消费者在旅游出行时注意以下几个方面的问题。   一、消费者参团旅行前,首先要查看旅行社经营资质、证照是否齐全,还要考察信誉程度。面对低价诱惑,消费者要估算可信度,根据自己的承受能力选择合理的旅游路线;签订合同时,要仔细阅读旅行社提供的合同条款,明确交通工具、路线、就餐、住宿标准、购物时间、次数等内容。要看清条款,并针对自己不理解或有疑惑的部分进行及时沟通和反馈,做到万无一失。   二、为避免意外事件发生,消费者在和旅行社签约时最好能问清楚本次旅游费用中是否包含各种意外保险,包括乘坐的交通工具、景点游玩以及购物消费中的各种意外保险。如果没有,可以在出游前为自己购买一份。另外,针对老人、小孩是否会增收额外费用,且增收的费用是否合理,这些事项都应事先询问清楚。   三、无论是参团旅游,还是自驾出行,消费者都要严密注意各种安全问题,一定要严格遵照导游或当地景点的提示,千万不要看到大海就想去游泳;看到原始森林就想去探险;进入动物生态园就盲目下车拍照,以防造成不可挽回的损失。同时,消费者在购物时要留意导游或地陪人员推荐的购物场所,避免“被宰”;就餐时要注意饮食卫生,要特别留心当地的饮食习惯;在出游过程当中要时刻提防小偷,防止财物被盗。   四、出游过程当中,消费者在购物或接受服务时,都应要求对方开具正规发票。部分旅行社或景点往往出具的是收款收据,或出具收款收据后承诺过后“补上”正规发票。对于这些情况,消费者应要求对方写上“与正规发票享受同等权利或事后补上正规发票”等承诺,以免出现消费纠纷时没有有效凭证,无法维护自身合法权益。相关的主题文章: