Shenzhen Vanke reply denied deep inquiries on the existence of gambling agreement-y580

Shenzhen Vanke reply: denial and deep inquiries valuationadjustment mechanism: Sina App live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million [] deep reading exposure drawer agreement did not disclose the restructuring of Vanke chaos or suspected illegal financial news today, Sina million Shenzhen reply inquiry letter said: self-examination by the company, and the company directors, supervisors and senior management personnel at the same time to verify the written confirmation letter between the company and the Metro Group, Metro Group does not exist to reach agreement or any other form of gambling or to arrange. Disclosure of major asset restructuring related information is true, accurate and complete. Notice that the investment and financing mechanism innovation seminar about the participation of a listed company "said," I told him to bet, we take you about 2000000000 shares, each must keep a piece of money, will be allocated 2 billion yuan per year". According to the company’s reply to the Metro Group, Metro Group is above the floor in accordance with market principles, the listed companies in the past outstanding performance and dividend policy based on confidence and track + property development model, investment return assumption made. The return on investment is one of the important basis for judging the feasibility of long term equity investment. Media questioned the company disclosed in June to the Metro Group to issue shares to buy assets in the transaction plan did not appear on the gambling information, alleged violations of information disclosure. According to the Metro Group to the company’s reply on "gambling", it is envisaged to be Metro Group investment company, investment management, investment and investment return expectations. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: