Sichuan netizen called father of drug abuse at the police station battered police response is not tr-aquaria

Sichuan netizen called "father of drug abuse battered police response is not true – Beijing suspects urine in police station. Dongpo Chengdu Beijing public security on 9 October, (reporter Liu Zhongjun) 9 evening, Sichuan Meishan City Dongpo District Public Security Bureau, through its official micro-blog @ Dongpo police ", a response to Yan Post said his father because of drug use in Dongpo Su temple was beaten to a police station, said the beaten situation is not real. In October 8th, Yanmou through micro-blog Post said his father because of drug abuse was taken to the police station, to be beaten by the police in the police station in Su temple. In this regard, Meishan Dongpo District Public Security Bureau Discipline Inspection Commission attaches great importance to the appointed inspector of police personnel to verify the investigation. Informed that, after investigation, the evening of October 7, 2016, Su Temple police station duty police received the solution of a family alarm, said in a resettlement area Penglai road drugs, his son is also inside a solution. After receiving the report, the class leadership led the police in a real suspect Yanmou residence Penglai Road Star Street No. 8 unit in a suspected drug solution Yanmou, summoned to the police station for investigation Su temple. On the evening of 7 23 PM, police Lee and two auxiliary police officers will be brought to the toilet Yanmou handling area urine test, Yanmou drug seizures, the bathroom ceramic mop pool broke down, picked up a piece of broken ceramic self mutilation, Lee police to stop the fingers of the left hand and forearm in scratched, Yanmou left hand hukou, scratched his right ear. The police will Yanmou uniform after the disinfection of the wound with alcohol, iodine, to handle cases. Bulletin also said that the whole process of handling the case, the police did not suspect a certain Yan Yan had been abusive, beating and other acts. After a urine test and I confirm a reconciliation statement, Yanmou drugs, two people were sentenced to administrative detention for five days punishment according to law. (end)相关的主题文章: