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"Silicon Valley + Hollywood" Tmall 11 double carnival night ready to play? Sohu science and technology / bear out ink please note that a party alerted the world half entertainment! Advertising time will not shake to the turntable because you can double 11 envelopes; Zhi Ling sister live performance clothing, through the AR mobile phone technology second to real live TV at the same time; collocation have mobile phone "background version", "lick the screen version of" 360 watch; through the real-time sensing data, the star may shout out your name millions of audience; of course I can watch the celebration and pull out the wool to win prizes…… These are the "night cat" in the second season — Shanghai Jahwa 2016 Tmall double 11 Carnival night. November 1st, 2016 Tmall double carnival night, general director David Hill and the team unveiled Beijing team. The Party committee said: will use the shock of the international top star combination, the most innovative Internet multi screen interactive mode, and not in the consumer welfare, presents a real "Internet plus the party". David said at the scene, "live TV in a sea change, Losangeles (where the Hollywood) are having a heated discussion about how to do cross screen interactive live. So this year, Alibaba technology can be endowed with double 11 carnival, is the world’s first innovation, which is the future oriented programming. This reminds us of the "Silicon Valley + Hollywood" model, which will be the best combination and the best experience." Play lick screen, vote about the story, cross screen AR interactive grab Star clothing interaction is a major feature throughout the party this year. This year, Zhejiang satellite TV, Tmall double 11 Carnival Night Live TV screen will appear a L screen". This screen can be real-time sensing through large data, when the L screen will eventually show the highest number of users like the head portrait, the star may be in the process of broadcast, in front of hundreds of millions of people shouting your name. According to the total planning of 2016 Tmall double carnival night, Ying Hong, general manager of the introduction of Ali fish, every second in the second hour across the screen there are interactive, we believe that this is the reconstruction of the standard and threshold of the evening of four hours of." Specifically, in the party during the performance, through the mobile phone user can shake the whole into the store, and the advertising taste will attract audience attention, innovatively issued nearly 10 million copies of envelopes in this period of time, for users to double 11 day general store. This is an interactive dazzle to no friends party: the audience can vote, like "life AB drama" as in the broadcast program to change, also can pass across the screen, grab the star items. For example, Zhi Ling’s sister in the carnival night scene will come up with their own clothes, fans can see the goods by AR fly out from the screen in the mobile terminal, the mobile phone Click to get real. In addition to live four hours late this year the cat on the TV screen, mobile phone Taobao, Tmall App will also launch a special night "backstage edition" broadcast, composed of star footage, backstage interview, star field etc.. Among them, Tmall App users will also live in the mobile phone version of the screen "," lick exclusive images from the 9 close-up camera"相关的主题文章: