Sina entertainment channel on the line to participate in the investigation to win gift

Sina entertainment Reds on-line channels involved in the investigation to win gift Sina entertainment channel home page Reds personality focus map full of suction eye, micro-blog can not stop the official micro-blog Reds recommended: @ Reds station Figure 3 Sina entertainment news on September 23, 2016, Sina officially launched the entertainment Reds channel (HR), authoritative reports focus now for most in the heat of the fire the Reds, with the comprehensive, detailed reports and sound dynamic services to users. Sina entertainment network Reds channel positioning, focusing red group, red net attention economy; from the perspective of the pan entertainment news angle, capture the dynamic industry; to create the most authoritative information platform. Page for the current needs of personality, for the first time in the Sina entertainment line special-shaped focus map, full of personality, to attract the attention of the audience. "Micro-blog red plate for you to recommend the most in of the fire and reds; with" key report "on industry trends, the official micro-blog @ Reds station [micro-blog] rolling broadcast the latest news, plus a mobile phone, Sina News red plate, three side linkage, you incessantly fully recommend the Reds reported. Thank you for your support to Sina entertainment as in the past, in order to better understand the needs of users, I implore you to red channel home valuable advice. We will actively participate in the survey of 10 people in the collection of a beautiful gift Sina gift, your support is our greatest affirmation!   (commissioning editor: cloud will) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: