Singing strength Max Mizuki Nana hit a new record o-pp点点通2006

The strength of the concert MAX Mizuki Nana set new record O list of famous Japanese seiyuu, female singer Mizuki Nana, with its unique voice and sweet appearance attracted many fans. Some time ago she was in Japan’s Tokyo arena successfully held a personal concert, many fans have come to her for help. The concert BD is also very popular, and even created a new record O. Mizuki Nana in April 9th this year and 10 in two days in the Tokyo arena held a personal concert. This concert will be her since 2011 after a lapse of 4 years once again boarded the dome, so fans are awesome have arrived to support them. The Tokyo concert of the two sets of BD have also been sold from the beginning of last week, two sets of BD are popular, each sold 11 thousand copies, becoming Oricon BD sales in the first and second week list. Mizuki Nana has thus created a new record, she became the history of music BD sales of the first number of the most popular anime singer, a total of 11 times. Mizuki Nana’s success and fans are inseparable, I believe that with the support of the fans, will certainly go better. Mizuki Nana is well known for his performance in the works of the magic girl, the vampire and the cross. As a voice actor, she attaches great importance to their work, and sharpen their own strength as voice actors, singers in a very long time. She has both experience and strength, the voice is changeable and charming, has a very difficult acting skills. And many in the dubbing process only by the sound of the voice, she seemed to each performance body with a passion and strength. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: