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Skoda Kodiaq will push the performance of the RS version, but the introduction of probability zero – Sohu has just reported Skoda automobile brand first 7 seat SUV Kodiaq Berlin in Germany published news, this car is very important for Skoda cars, both in overseas and domestic have received much attention, and now there is news Skoda came out, in addition to providing gasoline and diesel power have been published, is also developing performance models, to smell the maximum horsepower up to 240 horsepower, but also intend to join the Sportline and Scout models in Kodaiq, so much global consumers expect Kodiaq, with more attractive charm. In September 1st just published in Germany, Berlin Skoda Kodiaq, at present there is news the original factory is the development of high performance cars, and will join the sports version of the Sportline and SUV style more Scout models. 2 TDI twin turbo diesel engine with 240 horsepower, maximum horsepower on the overseas listing is expected in early 2017, the same year the second half of the introduction of domestic Kodiaq power system, the original plan has 5 options, including 125 horses, 150 horses, 180 horses 1.4 TSI 2 TSI and 2 TDI. 150 horses, 190 horses, and according to the different models optional 6 speed manual, 6 speed, 7 speed DSG DSG, and the collocation and four-wheel drive transmission system of precursor. However, the British automotive media AutoExpress in the September 1st meeting, the original staff from the mouth that high performance version of the message. Responsible for R& D Department of Skoda board member ChriSTIan Struber said that, the high performance version of the Kodiaq is in development, and he recently personally tested, and that is the use of diesel engine. The high performance version of the Kodiaq, are expected to be equipped with this time to join a new generation Tiguan powertrain lineup twin turbo 2 TDI diesel engine, with 240 horsepower, 500N.m’s high performance output. Although the person does not explicitly disclose what with diesel engines, but estimates should be first seen in current Passat, and recently joined a new generation Tiguan powertrain lineup twin turbo 2 TDI diesel engine, the twin turbo system and maximum pressurization value setting of 3.8bar, not only can output the maximum horsepower 240 the maximum torque from 1750 rpm and can start on the output of 500N.m, the performance of such, but more powerful than Octavia RS, plus 7 speed DSG dual clutch gearbox and AWD system help, even at this stage do not know whether the original factory for Kodiaq crown RS name, but the performance definitely worth looking forward to! Kodiaq currently plans to have 1.4 TSI, 2 TSI and 2 TDI and other power options, the maximum horsepower range covers up to ~180, and with a 6 speed manual, the speed of DSG and 7 speed DSG gearbox. Another N相关的主题文章: