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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The PT-DS20KU DLP projector from Panasonic is a high-end device designed to be used for live events, educational institutions, independent cinema, etc. Let us throw light on some significant features of the device. A detailed knowledge of these features can help you buy Panasonic DLP projector easily. Panasonic is famous for producing useful and technologically advanced gadgets in the market. Be it a digital camera, a camcorder, a television or a projector, every gadget launched by the brand has received huge appreciation among the users. Designed to meet the diverse requirements of business people, the advanced Panasonic PT DLP projector .es embedded with a vast collection of user-friendly features. The gadget ideally suits for public display venues like live events, staging, independent cinema, educational institutions, public advertising and home theatre applications. It also suits well for fixed installations. The best part is, the device enables individuals to enjoy .fortable and clear viewing even in bright lighting. Let us throw light on some prominent features of the projector. A detailed knowledge of all these features can help you buy Panasonic PT-DS20KU DLP projector easily without any confusion in your mind. Quad lamp system Quad lamp system present in the device supports high-power UHM lamps offering an amazing brightness of 20,000 lumens. The lamp relay mode of the gadget enables 24/7 projection by running the lamps alternately. 3D Projection Capability This is another important feature supported by the device. It matches well with both active and passive 3D projection systems. It .bines with either an active filter and passive glasses or external 100/120/144Hz drive with active shutter glasses and IR emitter for viewing 3D images. Wide range of features for a better image clarity The device supports a wide range of features that assist in bringing a better image clarity. Important features available for this purpose include 3D color management system , Full 10-bit image processing , Progressive cinema scan, IP conversion, AI scene control , Dynamic sharpness control , Digital noise reduction, RGB .patibility, 2:2 pulldown mode , Waveform monitor function, Fine-adjustable color temperature, etc. Multi-Unit Brightness Control The presence of multi-unit brightness control function assists in correcting the brightness variations that eventually arise in the projectors of a multi-screen system. This technique can be used for controlling up to eight projectors by connecting them via a hub. These are some of the prominent features present in the gadget. If you want to buy Panasonic projector, you must have a detailed knowledge of these features. Online electronic store is the most preferred medium for buying these devices today. The medium provides a huge convenience in finding different products and .paring them with the similar gadgets from other brands. Moreover, customers can enjoy huge profits while purchasing products from these stores. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: