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Music can not be blocked, TCL "painting" the most beautiful "arc" – Sohu technology PRC, the first 32 weeks of 2016 pushed the total TV sales data show that the surface permeability has risen to 6.3%, sales penetration rate has reached as high as 15.2%. According to the PRC market forecast, China surface TV sales in 2016 will reach 2 million 300 thousand units, the second half of the total surface Chinese TV market will reach 1 million 300 thousand units, has become the first choice for high-end products. Curved TV sales in 2017 is expected to exceed 4 million units. Surface display sales in 2016 is expected to reach 2 million units in 2017 will exceed 5 million units. In August 23rd China "surface TV display cohesion forum, TCL multimedia CEO is Lianming thin pointed out that the rapid expansion of the market surface is a positive sign for Chinese TV industry to bring new growth pole. Music can not be stopped, the market needs to activate Chinese TV industry development "new machine" from Ovid cloud data, by the end of 2015, Samsung, Hisense, TCL and other large color TV manufacturers equipped with the latest and most top and most cutting-edge technology, high, high standard surface TV in the north, on the broad, deep penetration of the total market size 25.6%, 65 inches and above more than 50% penetration rate. And this trend, in 2016 will gradually expand the trend. Compared with a small number of companies to give up the surface strategy, ahead of the layout of the surface of the enterprise more forward-looking vision." Insiders pointed out that the "surface TV display held cohesion forum" is a clear demarcation line, represents the surface camps completely forming, curved TV will be the impact of the industry toward the winning hand, curved TV with 3 years of cultivation period of the mature market, is welcome to harvest. On the one hand, because manufacturers are actively promoting the surface TV products, on the other hand, because more and more consumers recognize the advantages of curved screen TV, the gradual awakening of the demand for segmentation. In essence, in fact, reflect the consumer demand for differentiated products, after all, innovation is driven by demand. Compared with traditional TV, surface TV mainly meets the needs of consumers. First, the product differentiation, especially the design of differentiated demand.. Industrial design aesthetics is sometimes mystery of mysteries of aesthetic experience, as people generally prefer streamlined car appearance, straight touch type mobile phone. Before the surface TV appearance, only the monotone planar display market, TV manufacturers can do in pursuit of product differentiation on the change is not too much, but the configuration, size, color, panel elements reconstruction design has been almost bottleneck. And the surface of the screen completely break the bottleneck, it gives TV manufacturers more choice in the pursuit of product differentiation, but also to meet the personalized needs of different users of TV products, in order to function at the same time, so that the perfect industrial design aesthetics and fusion. Second, the pursuit of the big screen experience. Because of the curved surface of the curved screen, it can be determined in the same space than the flat screen display area, for example, the width of 1.3 meters相关的主题文章: