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Careers-Employment In performing an employment background check, many employers today include a background credit check for their potential employees. The reason is simple: the credit history of an individual reveals much about that individual. Even when the applicant is not applying for a position related to accounting and finances, looking into his credit records can help the company gauge his lifestyle and character. Hence, if he has few or several default payments, the employer may regard such person to be irresponsible. Many companies believe that the manner of handling your life and obligations reflects the manner of handling your obligations in the company. Hence, if you live an honest and decent life, you can be an honest employee for the company. If your lifestyle is characterized by shopping sprees, unnecessary loans, and living beyond your monthly income, you will not be an asset to the company. Not that it is bad to live a luxurious life. But if your means is not enough to maintain them, why not live a simple life? It will not cause you to accrue debts. For existing employees, a credit check can be used to determine whether the existing employee should be re-assigned, terminated or retained in his position. An employee background check safeguards the company and all its incumbent employees; and avoids unnecessary lawsuits in the future. Company background checks help to minimize any violence that unhappy employees might create. The Fair Credit Reporting Act of FCRA sets the standards for employment background check. To be fair with aspiring employees, the company is obliged to send a written notice to the potential employees that a pre-employment screening is being perform on their name. The screening would include a credit check. Whenever the company is conducting inquiries or running reports, the applicants need to be informed. In fact, if you as an applicant agree to it, you must express your consent in writing to authorize the company or its designated department to perform the employee background check. If for any reason you are not favorable to the companys decision, you can withdraw your application at anytime. Understand that even when credit checks are not mandatory, there are no Federal discrimination laws that specifically prohibit companies from employment discrimination solely because of bad credit. As a matter of fact, there are States that are in the process of implementing a law requiring companies to hire employees based on their credit score. The employers can get your credit report through credit-reporting agencies, employment background screening agencies and consumer-reporting agencies. The report includes the applicants personal information such as year of birth, current and previous addresses, marital status, spouses name and children. The employment background check also includes the details on the number of times that they have had a background check, bankruptcies, liens, or judgments. It also includes information on current and previous employment, credit scores from three agencies, loan and credit card accounts, payment history and social security number. Any discrepancies between the information you have provided from your resume and the results for employment background check can cost you your job. About the Author: , to discover how we can help do screening the right way. We make employment credit checking easy for you. Article Published On: By: Oncore Services – Are you considering mature workers as potential contractors? By: smartweb – Skiltrek is the best US staffing and job agencies,providing skilled IT, Engineering, Financial, Industrial professionals. RFP & SOW specialists! 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