State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission informed of the rectification of state–footman

SASAC rectification informed: shooting the leadership of state-owned enterprises discipline warning sheet original title: on patrol rectification of the Communist Party of China CPC Committee SASAC informed the SASAC Committee on patrol rectification briefing in accordance with the central deployment, from February 29, 2016 to April 29th, the central fourteenth inspection teams to conduct a tour of the SASAC party committee. June 1st, the central inspection team feedback to the SASAC Party committee opinion. According to the relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist party inspection regulations, inspection and rectification will be released. First, resolutely implement the central requirements, to organize and implement the inspection rectification work SASAC Party Committee attaches great importance to patrol the rectification work, clear requirements on the practical thinking and action with the central decision-making arrangements, firmly grasp the inspection rectification work to a high degree of political responsibility and mission. (a) unified ideological and political responsibility. Of the party since eighteen, general secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly listened to patrol work report, published a series of important speech, put forward clear requirements for the inspection rectification, we do a good job for the inspection rectification provides a fundamental follow. During the rectification, I have appointed 6 Party committee held a meeting held several inspection rectification work leading group held a special meeting, the chairman of the board of supervisors meeting to convey the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on patrol work, review the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping in the central enterprises to listen inspection reports, 4 times the original local learning general secretary Xi Jinping important speech in listening to the central ninth round of inspection reports on the situation of the speech and the spirit of the instructions, in-depth study and understand the relevant inspection work of Comrade Wang Qishan. On July 15-16, the person in charge of training in my committee meeting of the central enterprises, local SASAC, comrade Zhang Yi specifically on the in-depth study of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, adhere exactly learning, comprehensive school system, combined with the actual school, in accordance with the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on the central enterprises to inspect the work of the spirit of the instructions, and resolutely the inspection and rectification work realistically catch fine catch in place, once again put forward clear requirements. Through in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech and the important instructions instructions, SASAC party a profound understanding of the extreme importance of the grasp patrol rectification, to realize the extreme urgency of comprehensive strictly, to promote understanding in state owned enterprises reform and development in the further implementation of great significance and far-reaching influence of Party responsibility. Through repeated studies, in-depth study, a thorough understanding of deep learning and mastery, the SASAC of the party members and cadres to further unify thinking, deepen the understanding of political visits, strengthen the "Four Consciousness", strengthen the political play. The Committee on the positive action, pragmatic, and the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and instructions instructions to implement the spirit of the inspection and rectification of the work of the sasac. (two) to strengthen organizational leadership, the implementation of the main responsibility. Feedback from the central inspection teams to inspect the situation of special SASAC party, I appointed party committee held a meeting immediately, the first time the deployment of the implementation of the rectification work, and set up by Zhang Yi and Comrade Xiao Yaqing as the head of the Commission inspection rectification work leading group and office (6相关的主题文章: