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.puters-and-Technology With the advancement in technology, things have changed quite a bit. Website development which was considered to be one of the hectic tasks in the early days is no more a hectic job now, rather it has changed to an interesting and exciting task. With the advent of CMS (Content Management System) platforms the tradition of website development methods has changed. Or we can put it like this, CMS platforms have made website development a child’s play. With the increasing popularity of CMS platforms, the conversion process has also seen a great hype. To develop a feature rich website, conversion has be.e a trend nowadays. There are numerous types of conversions which are done to design a feature rich and functional website like PSD (Photoshop Document) to Drupal, PSD to Joomla and many more. But out of all these conversions, PSD to WordPress is considered to be the best conversion. WordPress is considered to be the best open source CMS platform that has a huge acceptability ratio among the website developers .munity all across the world. It has been the most preferred and popular CMS platform of all times. PSD to WordPress conversion can make your site smooth and free from hassles! Below we have discussed the stepwise process of PSD to WordPress conversion that will provide you assistance in your conversion, Let’s have a look at them: PSD File Slicing This is the step where we divide a PSD file into various parts like footer, header, etc. This step of division should be carefully carried off as it will lead us to the next step which is, PSD to HTML conversion. The slicing part of a PSD file can be done with the help of various photo editing tools, moreover within this step we can change several things in our website like font color, website color, Photoshop background, image and many more. After performing this step, you can then save your sliced files in image formats like .png, .jpg, .gif, etc. PSD to HTML conversion Now , in order to make the images – that were obtained by performing the last step – readable to various search engines and .patible with various browsers, all the images will be converted into HTML coding. This task is not so easy as it seems, hence a professional guidance can be beneficial and can take the WordPress conversion to a whole new level. How? A professional and experienced service provider can provide your website semantic codes which can in return help you in improving the search engine rankings of your site. Finally, Integration of WordPress WordPress integration is the most simple step of the whole conversion process. How? Once you get your hands on integrating HTML into WordPress, the admin area of WordPress automatically starts creating directories and sub-directories. Following the above mentioned steps will help you convert a PSD file into WordPress systematically. To make your site exist in the long run, you need to make sure that it is enough .patible with all the major browsers. This article is contributed by WPCanvas, specialized in WordPress development,through which you can hire WordPress programmers for perfact PSD to WordPress conversion. One can also hire WordPress developers for effective WordPress development services by visiting the website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: