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Strict management of Lintong small workshops without the "one vote" may produce business to further standardize the behavior of small workshops, small workshop production of food source traceability, to query, risk control, responsibility can be held ", the day before, Lintong District food and Drug Administration on the area of small workshops" one vote "carry out a comprehensive implementation of the supervision and inspection. The Bureau of the 22 basic food and drug administration to take a variety of forms of inspection, supervision and management of small workshops households consciously implement the one vote pass system, do not implement the one vote system behavior in accordance with the law to dispose of. At the same time, the area of the food business, catering service providers, organs of school canteens, group meal distribution unit, farmers markets and other areas to increase inspection efforts, focusing on the Steamed Buns, fresh noodles, meat, cake, tofu and other varieties have completed permission to conduct a comprehensive inspection, do not stay dead, strictly implement the requirements of the "one vote" system and strictly implement the purchase inspection certificate and invoice system, those who can not provide food in small workshops "one vote" bill, can not explain the legitimate sources of the products will not be allowed, production and operation. It is understood that the "one vote" includes the name and address of small workshops, license number, product name, production date, shelf life, delivery date, purchase units, contact telephone number, as the sales ledger collection, use and reference. On the implementation of the one vote pass system of small workshops, food and drug regulatory authorities above the county level shall be ordered rectification. Reporter Zhang Liang correspondent Chen Xiaoqi (Shaanxi newspaper) Note: the video is only extended reading. Zhejiang: small workshops to build large brands overseas purchasing real to the enemy相关的主题文章: