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"Super express" double exposure eleven poster Chen lost "sound" threat – Sohu "super entertainment express" double eleven poster exposure entertainment news produced by Sohu, KEMET film directed by Song Xiao Wang Ying, the screenwriter action comedy film "super express" will be released nationwide in December 2nd, the film was "comedy play," Chen He Xiao Yang, the goddess makeup Song Ji Hyo, the global "Parkour" the father of David Baer, and Li Yuan, Li Chun, Tai Zhiyuan, He Saifei, Kan Qingzi and the popular actor. Today, the exposure of a group of "double eleven" hush version of the poster, the stars were tape hush, showing eyes in horror, grievances, disdain, cunning and expression, is coincident with the true identity of characters. "Super express" double eleven poster exposure Chen Song Ji Hyo whirling action comedy film "super express" tells the story of Chen’s courier horsepower in a send pieces on the way, accidentally involved in a statue for events, and by a mysterious sexy girl to deal with stress, international thief Gary story, in the process of seizing the statue in the story is suddenly whirling. In today’s exposure of the "double eleven" hush version of the poster, the stars have been wrapped up, facing the tape Fengzui Straits, posters of the mysterious courier receipt and corrugated box overall texture, all mysteries are linked in the mysterious express event, suggesting this mysterious express is the root of all evil. Courier Chen’s posters, eyes revealed is very innocent, presumably in the mysterious incident was "bullying", actor Chen also said that 100 percent complete high difficulty action movie is a difficult challenge. On the contrary, the poster Song Ji Hyo is confident the sly even slightly defiant eyes, the relationship between the characters is more perplexing. In addition, David – Baer’s fearless, Xiao Li’s anger, Li Yuan’s calm, the grievances of the president, these feelings are revealed by the eyes of the complex feelings, but even more doubt the true face of the tape under the face of the United States and the United States, but also in the eyes of the United States and the United states. Chen Xiao – "cheap" combination "Parkour" the father of David Baer PK ran the men’s genius "following the absolute color of Chinatown Holmes" performance, Chen and Xiao Yang again "cheap" arena, to love their fans excited. The strength of the actor Xiao Yang not only continued in the past cheap Meng comedy style, but also boldly break through the image of the past, offering a rare pajamas show. In addition, in order to achieve the best comedy, Xiao Yang has always been dedicated not only by the fan palm, but also suffered a cuff and kick, fancy bundle. The global "Parkour" the father of David Baer’s surprise to make a public favorite Parkour Fan said "can’t wait to see David fly over the walls". Act as a film". I do not know is also running the male genius of the Chan Chan, in the film and David will have what kind of positive chase and contest. In addition, in the "get out of it! The strength of actress Li Yuan tumor Jun "brisk performance, the famous director Ang Lee’s son Li Chun will play an important role in the film, Taizhiyuan, He Saifei, and most recently in the TV drama" sparrow "in the absorption strength of the actor Kan Qingzi also co starred in numerous powder film.相关的主题文章: