Super eye opens today on the moon the mobile phone to escape the

"Super eye" opens today on the moon: the mobile phone to escape the "eyes" FAST panorama (September 24th). Xinhua News Agency reporters Ou Dong Qu human exploration of the new knowledge of the universe has taken a step forward. 25, 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope has a "super eye" will be completed in Guizhou, Karst Pingtang depressions, attracting the attention of the world. In 1609, the Galileo Galilei, a Italy scientist, used a homemade telescope to discover the rugged surface of the moon’s surface. 400 years later, on behalf of the large radio telescope Chinese high technology, will be the first observation target edge diameter of 100 thousand light-years away in the Milky Way system, explore the origin of stars secret, will also be engraved under the new scale in the world history of astronomy. How big is the universe? This is the question of the nature of man’s quest for discovery. Found in the unknown area of the journey, China astronomical will not afraid of hard, continuous innovation, the new exploration of the universe played capriccio. The "discovery" of the master, a large radio astronomy in China among the world’s top breakthrough telescope "cover" the more sensitive, 500 meters of the "super eye" how sensitive? For example, scientists say, some people on the moon to play the phone, but also escaped its eyes". For the older generation of astronomers, having such a telescope has been a dream. Astronomy in China is lagging behind for a long time. After World War II, the rise of radio astronomy, successive emergence of quasars, pulsars, interstellar molecules and microwave background radiation four astronomical discoveries, and China in this area has long been in a blank state. Through the toddler, look up to the stage of Western powers, in recent years, China has built 5 radio telescopes, caliber from 25 meters to 65 meters. However, compared with the United States 305 meters and Germany’s 100 meter diameter radio telescope, our radio telescope observation ability is relatively limited. Astronomical equipment is open to international practice, but it is difficult for the Chinese to apply for foreign telescopes independently. Domestic and foreign equipment gap is relatively large, the lack of an equal basis for cooperation." National Astronomical Observatory, a hundred people researcher, 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope engineering science director Zhu Ming said that only take the road of independent development, can reverse this situation. "500 m diameter spherical radio telescope built, will create the world’s first class conditions for astronomy in china." Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Observatory, Yan Jun said. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory research department chief scientist, thousands of people plan expert Li said, Chinese large radio in many areas have a super ability: gas found in the past on the basis of galaxies is expected to increase 10 times, the number is expected to double that pulsar, is expected to find new interstellar molecules…… Since the birth of the radio telescope, about 2500 pulsars have been discovered, all of which are located in the Milky way. Scientists will Chinese large radio first target lock in the Milky Way system, hoping to rely on its superior sensitivity for extragalactic pulsars)相关的主题文章: