Supply side reform cited commodity fund blowout 21 products waiting for the audit market fear

Supply side reform cited commodity fund blowout 21 products waiting for the audit market fear of change Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Newspaper reporter Pang Huawei Guangzhou reported commodity hot market ignited the public offering of the fund’s enthusiasm, raised funds for the next opportunity to seize the air." In September 19th, a financial investment research director Zhong Xuan told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report into asia. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter according to the latest statistics of the Commission website, since only in July, the Commission received 11 commodity fund application materials, so far there are a total of 21 commodity funds awaiting approval decision. When the commodity funds be long in coming, the hot market is still continuing? Insiders expressed concern that the price went to this position, we have a little worried." Declare blowout involved in commodity funds for public fund is very valuable, like when the war more than a weapon." September 19th, a commodity investment fund manager Lynch (a pseudonym) told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter. Lynch said, "the public offering to fund stock, bond, currency funds, commodity funds are short, we hope to exchange some of the main commodities commodity varieties grafted to the Shenzhen and shanghai." "If you pass an account, you can do both stocks and bonds, and do the same." Lynch said that the large institutions of public funds also have the needs of the allocation of commodity funds, banks, insurance and other funds can not enter the futures market, the commodity market, they also want the layout of the corresponding products. This year, the fund’s performance is very impressive. Benefit from the global commodity price riots, the vast majority of the current commodity fund profitability is considerable, this year the average yield of 12%." Cheng Ya ya. According to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, as of now, the territory of the real commodity futures fund is only one, that is, UBS SDIC silver futures Listed Open-end Fund (LOF), this year the rate of return of 16.13%. In addition to UBS SDIC silver futures fund, there are a number of public fund products directly invest in commodities, the recent performance is very good. Wind data show that as of September 19th, the commodity fund has 13 gold commodity funds, the establishment of more than a year of gold commodity funds, this year, the rate of return of up to about 28%. In addition, global resource prices soared to boost the performance of resource funds. QDII ranked the top two of the income of the fund is the fund resources, the S & P Global Select BOC rose 33.73% during the year, the JP Morgan global natural resources rose 27.15%. 21 in the trial of commodity funds, gold, silver is still the most favored by the public fund investment targets, agricultural products, iron ore, copper and other commodity fund application list. Boshijijin recently declared a colored financial futures exchange traded funds on their products相关的主题文章: