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Health The term Surgeon is derived from the Greek word "cheirourgia" that means to work with the hands. Any person who performs surgery on patients is termed as a surgeon. Surgery is in fact the mode of treatment that involves manually or instrumentally cutting a body for investigation or for its repair. This generally involves a physical intervention on tissues. Cutting of a patient’s tissues, closure of a previous wound, suturing, stapling, etc. all .es under the surgery category. Surgeries are generally ac.panied by an anesthesia, localized spinal anesthesia being the latest most convenient form. Surgeons also diagnose illness and give prescriptions for the treatment. They also conduct examinations, obtain medical histories and perform diagnosis of the illness. There are many categories to surgery and the classification is based on a number of factors such as urgency, type of procedure, body system involved, how invasive it needs to be and the instruments used. Surgeons India has to be highly trained in all the latest techniques that are being used to carry out these procedures. Surgeries are of different types, some being plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, orthopedic, neurosurgery, weight loss, podiatry, heart surgery, cancer surgery, urology, ENT surgery, vision related surgery, gastroenterology surgery, obstetrics and gynecology surgery. Any surgeon in India needs to .plete his undergraduate degree as well as a doctorate of medicine (MD) or doctorate of osteopathy (DO). After this, they need to .plete a 5-year residency program which may be in general surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, etc. Further specializing requires more training or fellowship. They usually have a 4.5 to 5 day working scheme per week and are generally on-call in case of emergencies. It is usually 3 days blocked off for surgery and the rest 2 days for consultations and appointments. Other responsibilities include dictating progress notes for patient records. Surgeons India usually performs the operation in an operating theater using special instruments called surgical instruments. The patient lies on an operating table and all the materials used in the room are sterilized to make it free of all sorts of microorganisms. There are certain tests that are done before the surgery so as to determine the patient’s eligibility for the operation, the exact place and the depth of surgery. This is also done to keep ready blood from a donor so that the patient can use it after operation if the need arises. Indian MedGuru is Indias leading medical tourism agency known for its excellent service in providing top-class world renowned surgeons for its clients. Medical tourism in India is soaring to higher peaks everyday due to the extraordinary medical services that are being offered in the country, surgery being one of them. The .pany gives affordable low-cost medical solutions to all its clients without any .promise in the quality of the service. No matter what your surgical concern is, whether it is cosmetic, orthopedic, cancer, reconstructive, laser, weight loss, gastrointestinal, endocrine, etc. this .pany has all the solutions you can ask for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: