Tainan earthquake still has 107 people lost joint mechanical excavation new search and rescue channe-govos

Tainan earthquake still has 107 people lost joint mechanical excavation new search and rescue channel – Sohu news, February 7th, the eve of the Lunar New Year’s Eve, Taiwan each rescue team insisted on the collapse of the Tainan crown tower site, overnight rescue work. China News Agency reporter Liu Shuling photo 17 Taiwan "Lilliput" gradually opened the new rescue channel according to Taiwan Times reported that the Taiwan authorities disaster response center pointed out that the collapse of shallow wingain Jinlong people have been rescued, and after repeated life detector to detect, no signs of life, for the deep buried trapped people, the Tainan municipal government tenants agree, since 8 at 20 pm, from the building side to start "Gangya rescue operations". The dispatch of 17 Taiwan heavy equipment "big tooth" gradually opened a new channel to the rescue process, open if there are people trapped, immediately suspend the excavation, immediately launched rescue operations; the seizure of property, according to a number, number of floors, and sent police custody guards video. In addition, Tainan City bulletin 155 dangerous buildings, has completed the evaluation of 133 pieces, 37 pieces of red flags, posted 18 pieces of yellow danger signs; Kaohsiung City bulletin 14 dangerous buildings, has been fully completed assessment, posted 2 pieces of 1 pieces of yellow red danger signs and danger signs. This morning, Hualian sea does not belong to Tainan 5.3 earthquake aftershocks in Taiwan meteorological department pointed out that on the morning of 9 to 9, a total of 67 aftershocks occurred at 8 o’clock in the morning, the earthquake in Hualian, does not belong to the aftershocks of the Tainan earthquake, the aftershock observation results is not frequent, because the source deep. According to the China Earthquake Network Center website news, Taiwan Hualian sea area, Beijing time at 8:47 on February 9th, 5.3 earthquake occurred, the epicenter is located at 23.92 degrees north latitude, 121.77 degrees east longitude, focal depth of 6 km. Yesterday was rescued caoxing women and girls improved according to Taiwan Times reported that the Chi Mei hospital emergency department director Xu Jianqing said yesterday on the 9 day 10, rescued Ms. Cao Weiling and Lin Suqin girls were better, Ms. Cao after emergency surgery and infusion, rhabdomyolysis syndrome has improved, temporarily without amputation, no acute renal failure. Lin Suqin RM also improved, although clamoring to eat "Slurpee", but the current fast.

台南地震仍有107人失联 机械开挖新搜救通道-搜狐新闻  2月7日,农历除夕之夜,台湾各支救援队伍坚持在台南维冠大楼倒塌现场,彻夜展开救援工作。中新社记者 刘舒凌 摄  17台“大钢牙”逐步开通新搜救通道  据台湾中时电子报报道,台湾当局灾害应变中心指出,维冠金龙倒塌浅埋民众多已救出,并经多次生命探测仪探测,无生命迹象反应,对于深埋受困民众,台南市府经住户同意,自8日下午20时起,从大楼侧边启动“大钢牙救援行动”。  目前派遣17台重型机具“大钢牙”逐步开通新的搜救通道,开通过程中如发现有受困民众,立即暂停开挖,马上展开救援行动;至于相关搜获财物,则依栋数、楼层编号,录像并派遣警力看守保管。  另外,台南市通报155件危险建筑物,已完成评估133件,张贴37件红色危险标志、18件黄色危险标志;高雄市通报14件危险建筑物,已全数评估完成,张贴2件红色危险标志、1件黄色危险标志。  花莲海域今晨5.3级地震 不属台南余震  台湾气象部门指出,至9日上午9时止,余震共发生67次,上午8时许发生的地震位于花莲,不属于台南地震的余震,观测结果余震发生并不频繁,因震源较深所致。  据中国地震台网中心网站消息,台湾花莲县海域,北京时间2月9日8时47分,发生5.3级地震,震中位于北纬23.92度、东经121.77度,震源深度6.0公里。  昨日获救曹姓女子及女童伤势好转  据台湾中时电子报报道,奇美医院急诊部主任许建清9日10时表示,昨日获救的女士曹玮瓴及女童林素琴伤势都好转,曹女士经紧急开刀及大量输液,横纹肌溶解症已改善,暂时不必截肢,也无急性肾衰竭。林素琴的横纹肌溶解症也改善,虽吵着要吃“思乐冰”,但目前禁食。相关的主题文章: