Taizhou center in 90 after the guy broke into rape aunt (video) cagliari exchange

Taizhou center in 90 after the guy broke into rape aunt Modern Express News (correspondent Su Li Zhang Kewei reporter Chen Jie Xiao Song Zang) Qian Gang (a pseudonym) is a 90, 2010 was insulted by the Xinghua Municipal Public Security Bureau administrative detention for 5 days, due to their minor end shall not be implemented, the same year because of theft and detention 1 years. The money is just full of tattoos, Zhuang people are a little afraid of him. This year on April 10th at 7 o’clock in the evening, outside the Li Wei (a pseudonym) received his wife’s phone, ",, you come home, someone raped me. " Li Wei after listen to a scare, hurry back home. His wife, A Juan, told him that he had just raped him. Originally, in the afternoon of 3 o’clock, Juan a person to do the housework at home. At 4 o’clock, just went to A Juan’s home to play, according to seniority, A Juan is his aunt. At that time, just holding a bow, carrying an arrow, he is playing with the cat said. The money has just followed A Juan drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters. The money just is not good this name, everyone knows he is a rascal, A Juan also do not have a good impression of him, but because of the face, with him. After the money had left home to Juan, but in the evening at 6 o’clock came again, still holding a bow and arrow to shoot back, said the wild cat son with an arrow, then left again. A Juan frightened, rushed up and ready to close the door, and found the money just hide in the outside of the gate, then he burst into the door, grabbed A Juan pushing and shoving, eventually in the bathroom to A Juan raped. Li Wei immediately call the money just to play a few phone calls are not connected. After Li Wei found the money just face to face confrontation, the results of the other denied. Since then, Li Wei found a few friends and relatives, the money just stuck in the home, with his right hand hit him a mouth, and his nose hit a punch, then call the police. After the event, the money just confessed that he is A Juan as a former girlfriend. In April 16th, the money just suspicion of rape Xinghua City Public Security Bureau of criminal detention, the Procuratorate approved the arrest of 29 of the same. Extended video: has nothing to do with the original female students died after a drunken Hotel Changsha city seized for the crime of rape prosecution.相关的主题文章: