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Take care of the central bank liquidity improvement funds face a smooth Kuayue free Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The smooth surfaces of funds Kuayue worry – reporter Wang Jiao this Tuesday (August 30th), the central bank in the open market to carry out 60 billion yuan of 7 day repurchase operations and 40 billion yuan 14 days period reverse repurchase operation, taking into account the reverse repurchase expires 100 billion yuan 7 days, open market funds and no single day no return, at the same time capital continues loose. Market participants pointed out that the central bank’s meticulous care, tight liquidity has recently improved significantly, the money market interest rates down. Overall, the central bank is still focused on maintaining a smooth pattern of capital, monetary policy is more solid and stable, is expected to smooth the capital side of the month. Capital continues loose central bank’s website yesterday announced that on Tuesday (August 30th) launched a tender interest rate 60 billion yuan 7 days and 40 billion yuan of 14 day repurchase, the successful rate was 2.25%, 2.40%, were unchanged from the previous operation. At the same time yesterday, there are 100 billion yuan reverse repurchase maturity, thus the day of the open market without funds nor return. Another source said that the central bank on the 7 day of August 31st and the demand for reverse repurchase operations of 14 days. From the inter-bank market performance, the 30 day of market funds still loose, the main repo rate has been lower interest rates. The repo market, overnight, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days and 1 month period weighted interest rate were 2.1059%, 2.4098%, 2.6259%, 2.7034%, 2.738%, respectively, compared with the previous World Bank 0.5BP, 2.7BP, 3.67BP, 13.79BP, 4.46BP. According to traders said yesterday, the capital side continued easing trend, early that there are 7 days and 14 days after thawing out overnight varieties, financial resources, basic needs are met, overnight to a month decline in the price of funds have than the day before yesterday, overnight and 7 day trading volume has been enlarged. At the end of the month liquidity worries market participants pointed out that in August the dollar rate hike is expected to rebound, short-term interest rates rose slightly, and then superimposed on the central bank to restart the 14 day reverse repo, market liquidity is expected to lead to strained, and bonds appear short-term adjustment, but in hindsight, liquidity is still near misses, the short-term interest rates remained stable. Overall, monetary policy will remain neutral, the central bank will continue to maintain financial stability, short-term liquidity worries. "14 days reverse repo launch still focus on the liquidity problem, independent of the tightening of monetary policy, the central bank to ensure market liquidity is expected to remain the same, at the end of the financial side will continue to maintain a loose." CITIC Securities said. The Milky Way securities further pointed out that, overall, the central bank last week to restart the 14 day reverse repo, means to reduce the deposit reserve rate easing monetary policy again postponed, but at the same time 14 days reverse repo rate remained stable at 2 on相关的主题文章: