Talking about the IMessage App Store a small world in a message

Talk about the iMessage App Store: information box in the small world iOS 10 system was released in June this year, organized by the WWDC conference, which is a major change in the iMessage information significantly improved. In fact, in addition to those cool fonts, Apple’s app store in iMessage which added more meaning (iMessage App Store). It draws on the idea of the application of Apple Watch, in the iOS of this great ecology, the information function to add a small ecological. Install click "App Store" icon in iMessage, you can iMessage application; if the lower right corner to open the App drawer, the sight of the information in the small picture of ecosystem function. The position of the two painted red circle in the information function is the entrance of iMessage application installation can be divided into two kinds: one kind is Apple Watch application that does not require a separate download, as long as the installation of a iOS application, the iMessage version will appear in the information drawer; according to the characteristics of the iMessage, developers will be making a single for it "mini" version, for example you installed AcFun video, AcFun expression package will be installed in the drawer; curiosity daily, will recently popular article pages; installed over the air travel aspect, can give others send travel card. Other versions of the App in iMessage may be just a set of cartoon images and the other is an independent iMessage application, in which there is no master program in iPhone, only in the information drawer. Among the App Store, you can see some oval icon, which is the iMessage application, which is a typical representative of the Poll vote. The difference between WeChat simply said, compared to WeChat, iMessage more direct way, similar to the difference between the code to pay Apple Pay. IMessage application types and features more consideration is in the "chat" this user scenarios will do what, to achieve a more straight section. For example, the expression of hair, hair hair invitations, agenda, voting etc. Expression is the most easy to understand, people have formed the habit of fighting expression in WeChat, in the iMessage store, many interesting expressions can be purchased separately, such as easy bear series; easily bear series expression but just by expression, apparently attractive to domestic users is not so great, iMessage information box the world more rich imagination. To vote in WeChat, for example, if you want to send a vote for their own team, you need to first or third party "Mack created after the share to WeChat group, is actually a WAP version of the link. In iMessage, install a call Poll application can be created directly in the information box vote, shared to the team, the voting process is also in this iMessa.相关的主题文章: