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Taopu Songjiang harbor pilot city sponge maximizeabsorb show rain Shuicheng exposition on the sponge city pilot project of the latest achievements of the model want to know what kind of 5-10 in Shanghai city? Yesterday, the opening of the 2016 Shanghai international city and construction Fair must have been. "Future city living museum" become the focus of visitors. The "BIM+GIS", intelligent transportation, sponge, UP city underground parking, comprehensive pipe gallery and a series of domestic city infrastructure construction of the forward-looking technology, to show the audience the future city most likely to show the appearance, led the audience to see the true, cool city in the future. Maximum absorption of rainwater reuse in the storm on the sea, such a scenario has been a long time. Currently in the planning and construction of the city is to bring great expectations. The city of Bo, the reporter found include "Shanghai science and Technology City wisdom Taopu", one of the first pilot project of the new sponge city construction concept. As Shanghai city to carry out one of the three pilot areas of sponge city construction, Putuo Taopu technology wisdom city of Shanghai for a period of time to the planning and construction of the key areas of the pilot project is about to start. According to the deputy chief engineer of the tunnel shares the Urban Construction Design Institute Huang Jin introduced the so-called "sponge city", is to make the city in response to extreme weather as unexplored forests and land, has good water breathing freely, elastic "ecological city to create breathing. Shanghai identified three pilot areas to promote the construction of the sponge City, to solve the phenomenon of the city to see the sea. The three area is the wisdom of the city, Songjiang Taopu Town, Lingang New city." Huang Jin said. "As we have in Pudong asan Road, and the elevated hi tech road laid permeable pavement, rainwater will be collected for purification, three steps to realize the natural accumulation, natural rainwater infiltration, natural purification, can also be placed in the storage tank, supply all the green of the area in the dry season the watering, in order to carry out the re utilization of rainwater resources concept. Sponge city is composed of numerous’ sponge ‘composition, and gradually expand to the point into the surface. From the moment the rain falls, it will be able to achieve a ‘seepage, a storage, a net’, so that local re-use, so that the city has the ability to fight heavy rain." The reporter learned that, by 2020, Shanghai has basically completed the hope of ecological protection and water treatment technology and facilities, among them, the pilot area of total annual runoff control rate of not less than 80%, or 80% of the rainwater is sucked to stay down, 20% of the water through the traditional way of the old City area through the pilot emissions; and the transformation, achieve the control rate of 75%. "Indoor navigation" to help people travel at the airport, the train station, but still couldn’t find the luggage and boarded the bus and complain? See a doctor in the hospital, still can not find a doctor to visit a branch and trouble? After opening the "indoor navigation", you can easily go where you want to go. The city Expo show BIM+GIS technology, through the micro area of the BIM building digital model and macro collar相关的主题文章: