Teacher’s day to celebrate the National Maritime Wang Qihang send fun benefits 嘿嘿taxi

The National Teachers’ day to celebrate "nautical Wang Qihang" send colorful welfare regardless of Hawkeye and Zorro, or Reilly and Luffy, mentoring relationship is always the eternal theme of navigation "King" in September 10th, then with the teacher’s arrival, the official Mobile Games "nautical Wang Qihang" will also give wide promotions exclusive game game player welfare, limited teachers teachers’ Day Festival gift box, treasure run, help you to play this great route. Carnival Festival Limited broadcasting treasure open   "do you want my treasure? If you want it, then go find it. I’m all there." In death before sailing, Wang Luojie say such heroic utterance, which has inspired countless pirate treasure dreams, from this perspective, Roger is the people’s spiritual mentor. From September 8th to 13, during the event, will limit the random treasure ships of teachers’ Day gifts, seafood fried rice, purse, specified spar, pocket money, rare materials, including a variety of props, game player more chance to meet his hat, and Riley, seven king of Wu Hai part of popular characters and exclusive pieces. The massive collection of free exchange of treasure props to the game player in   bring random treasure at the same time, the game will be in September 8th to 13 during the day activities, heavy build teachers’ Day second welfare – collect feedback operations. Specifically, the first game player can reach VIP5 in exchange for free physical common material package 10, which collect a large purse of 50, can also obtain the physical package of 10 rare materials, then collect the 30 teachers’ Day gift and collected 20 pieces of Reilly role, but also can be respectively for 5 and 20 Drake fetters gift role fragments finally, the completion of the four tasks, the official will be free to send 10 pieces of Reilly exclusive role. A massive exclusive gift box luxury debut of   the teacher’s day, we wish to set up a small target, for example, to make a 50 million Berri. From September 9th to 10, a total of 6 yuan prepaid game player, can get a free 120 diamonds and 5 large bags, the highest return recharge can get 1000 big pockets and 7 were 1 and 7 grade wear spar spar wear 1. At the same time, phone shops, insect adventure alliance shop, the store will also limit line on the wanted list of "teacher’s day exclusive gift, game player can be opened to get 2016 random diamonds or 7 bags, lunch, spar pirate spell rare materials package (purple), 1 spar any a package. In addition to these activities, sailing Wang Qihang will also bring lucky pointers, activities and other benefits of the pub, so that all the captains of the battle of the whole teacher’s day in September!相关的主题文章: