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The ten point line: 5 companies cheat up was named the top ten sales are accounted for three seats [Abstract] every night at ten, the Tencent car take you at a glance today Jun line car circle important information. · the Ministry of Finance informed of new energy cheat up inspection: 5 enterprises were named Suzhou GMC Bus Manufacturing Co Ltd, United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Automobile Co. Ltd., Chery Guizhou Wanda bus Limited by Share Ltd, Henan Shaolin bus Limited by Share Ltd are near the famous, so when you buy new energy vehicles the state or to open their eyes, money can not just cheated. Although the money can not get into the line of the king’s pocket, but the line is so justice, we must control! · passenger car sales in August before the ten self released: three seats Geely finalists again in August narrow passenger wholesale sales of the top ten car companies, FAW – Volkswagen continue to monthly sales crown, SAIC GM over Volkswagen, ranked second. It is worth noting that Geely in August continued to force with cars and SUV once again the top ten finalists, which also makes the independent brands occupy three seats in the top ten, the other two are in Changan and the the Great Wall car car. The independent brand is now really more awesome, the price is cheap enough, but also need to strengthen the design, after all, out of the mix depends mainly on the face. · Su Weibin debut " ": perfect the system of interrogation; Dragon ability urgent "compared with the past two years, the Shenlong Automobile indeed is not a small decline." Su Weibin frankly, he also analyzed the reasons for the decline in sales, the biggest reason is that the product mix and channel system has been unable to keep up with the market demand." A gentleman is very appreciate the boss himself to Jieduan, give you a big praise. · TTA | Shao Jingfeng: Chinese special planning design by how to win? "What we should do is implicit design rather than explicit design." Shao Jingfeng has repeatedly stressed that the typical Chinese elements not only use, but should be and even less with caution. Chinese brands should not find a fixed design elements, as long as the vehicle enough stretch, the atmosphere can reflect the confidence of the Chinese people, consumers will naturally recognized." I hope you will be able to make more than a few designers like you, to improve our poor aesthetic now. · Apple plans to build or Titan will use the "hollow" battery "Titan" rumors of Apple plans to build this has been broke a big black technology, and a company to develop hollow rechargeable lithium ion battery, the battery can be connected in series or in parallel without any welding. The first line of the king was surprised, and the world of your scientists is really beyond the comprehension of ordinary people. Line Jun reply: only feel stupid, not much money ah. Tell me dear friends, what is your suggestion? At any time in the comments area below the message Oh, your opinion is likely to occur in the area within the next day interactive Oh ~ tomorrow night at ten, a gentleman and you Be There Or Be Square! More exciting content can open WeChat, click on the upper right corner button, Search Club WeChat public account concerns.相关的主题文章: