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Health The human body is guided by various hormones. Different kinds of hormones play different roles in the body. A disbalance in the hormone levels can create various kinds of problems in the body and need to be treated with the right kinds of medication and other treatments. Though some hormones are .mon in the male and female body, some of them are quite different. For instance males have testosterone and females have estrogen and these are hormones that give men and women their characteristic features and sexual traits. With age, the levels of these hormones drop in the body. Functions of testosterone in the male body As mentioned above, testosterone is the hormone that imparts the manly features in a male. Apart from sexual drive and other traits, there are other functions of testosterone in the male body as well. The hormone helps in ensuring that red blood cells are properly distributed all over the body; that the body has the right strength and healthy bone density, has proper fat distribution and good muscle mass. Drop in testosterone levels in the male body Levels of testosterone fluctuate in the male body. With age, the levels of testosterone in the body start dropping. The level is at its peak during adolescence and before one enters the 30s. Post 30 years of age, the level of testosterone starts declining in the body. The drop in this hormone level affects ones appearance. Along with this, the mental state of mind and the quality of life that one leads also gets affected. Testosterone therapy for enhancing testosterone levels Dropping of testosterone levels is not desirable and therefore many men are seeking testosterone therapy for the same. With testosterone depot injection therapy , it is possible to restore the lack of testosterone in the body to a great extent. With the levels of testosterone increasing with the therapy, males can feel the .ing back of their lost vigor and energy as well as their sexual desires. The overall systems of the body seem to function better with this therapy. Getting testosterone depot injections It is always re.mended to get testosterone depot injections under the guidance of a doctor. Usually the injections are given in the buttock muscle. The frequency of the injections will depend on the general condition of the person and on his blood reports. The doses are also adjusted accordingly. Constant observation and monitoring is required to check the changes that the treatment is bringing in the person. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: