The arrest of Cui Shunshi Park Geun hye Korean media said or not decide on what path to follow

The arrest of Cui Shunshi Park Geun hye Korean media said or not decide on what path to follow investigation by Sohu news in new network on 4 November, (Li Xiajun) the evening of 3 local time, South Korean court issued an arrest warrant, formally arrested political parties Cui Shunshi door ". "Politics" has been exposed in October 24th, South Korean President Park Geun hye 10 days has been in the vortex of public opinion. Korean media said, in the face of the party and the great pressure of public opinion, the park may have to take a back seat, do not rule out the party, resigned even under investigation. Chong Wa Dae "big reshuffle" Cui Shunshi was arrested for intervention to quell the scandal triggered political chaos, park Geun hye 2, announced the cabinet reshuffle, the nomination of the late former president Roh Moo-hyun’s chief of staff Bingzhun Kim as prime minister. The 3 day, Pu Jinhui named Han Guangyu chairman of Korean presidential Advisory Committee directly under the "National United Council" as Chong Wa Dae Secretary chief, nominated former congressman Xu Yuanqi as Chief Secretary of the Chong Wa Dae government. Chong Wa Dae said that this means that park Geun hye will take a back seat, by Jin Bingzhun as the "internal" President Pu Jinhui is responsible for foreign affairs. Pu Jinhui will fill the vacancy of the national government to put everything down, to accept the relevant requirements, the government is expected to be a great change in policy. More than 3 people, South Korea’s ruling party also revealed that the park may be issued a "national conversation" in 4, "once again apologize to the national political cronies dry", will also show that when necessary to accept the prosecution investigation position. Local time on October 31st at 23:57 PM, South Korean prosecutors arrested under investigation "trusted intervention" incident involving the characters of Cui Shunshi. In addition to the vision of China, 3 evening, the Korean court issued an arrest warrant, the official arrest of the crime of abuse of power has been detained in the dry door party Cui Shunshi. Prior to the night, on suspicion of forcing large enterprises in South Korea, donations, former president of the Chong Wa Dae to adjust the policy of the former chief secretary An Zhongfan has been arrested in South Korea prosecutors. An Zhongfan accused of abuse of power, Cui Shunshi’s accomplice". The opposition protests "depressed" Park Geun hye cursory did not alleviate the crisis faced by Pu Jinhui. South Korea has more and more opposition MPs disappointed means President Park Geun hye doing political scandal, public park office. The South Korean parliament, six members of the Democratic Party for the park to step down. This is the first South Korean parliament’s main opposition party members openly asked the resignation of Park Geun hye. Before this, Congress president only left the Justice Party, the National Party of Seoul mayor Pu Yuanchun Ahn and park Geun hye to step down. Both An Zhexiu and Pu Yuanchun are considered potential candidates for next year’s presidential election. Six members of the Democratic Party said in a statement: "Pu Jinhui’s ability to lead national affairs has been destroyed. Pu Jinhui continues to serve as president will lead to extreme distress, so that the country is deadlocked, the people will become victims. If Park Geun hye does not resign and continue her term, disaster will arise." Park Geun hye’s term expires in February 2018. South Korea’s ruling party members revealed that the Pu Jinhui scandal in recent performance was isolated and helpless situation, depression, and official talks once more tears, reflecting her great psychological pressure).相关的主题文章: