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Quit-Smoking One of the most important factors when it .es to choosing the right electric cigarette is the atomizer. The atomizer holds the liquid nicotine and heats it up to produce vapour which is one of the most important factors that people looking for smokeless options normally consider. Understanding the main parts of the device and how they work, will help you make the right choice. Amount of Vapour Produced For the device to produce enough vapour it must sufficiently heat up the E liquid. The amount of heat produced is affected by the resistance of the atomizer. The lower the resistance the more heat is transferred to the atomizer from the battery. Some atomizers have a double coil which means even more heat is produced. Resistance and the Effects of Heating So should you go for an electric cigarette with an atomizer that produces more heat or one that produces less? More heat means that the vapour will be considerably hotter. Also, the distance between the heating coil and your mouth differs depending on the design of the atomizer. If the coil is further away from your mouth it the vapor may not be as hot even with low resistance from the coil. This will also depend on whether the battery is powerful enough to produce that amount of heat. The 501 cartomizer has a coil further from away than the 306 and other .mon types of atomizers. Choosing Between Cool and Hot Vapour Some people prefer a cooler vapor for various reasons. The vapour may have an un.fortable feel in the mouth especially around the throat. The flavour from the vapour may end up being ruined because it feels burnt. On the flip side, other people prefer a hotter vapour because tobacco and menthol flavours taste more natural to them when hot. Ultimately, the preference of how hot the vapour should be is a matter of personal taste. The amount of E liquid and how you fill it in the cartridges will also determine your experience with e-cigs. There are basically two types of cartomizers; the refillable and non refillable cartridges. Many cartomizers use a polyfill material to hold the liquid nicotine in the device. If the polyfill is too tightly packed, then it will be hard and takes time to refill. When it is too loosely packed then there is a danger of overfilling the cartridge. Overfilling the cartomizer is known to significantly reduce the life of the battery. The manufacturer will deem your batterys warranty void once you refill the cartridges. However, this should not be a problem if you take reasonable care not to overfill it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: