The bank card stolen brush full responsibility is a legal

The bank card stolen brush full responsibility is a legal class Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: chutianjinbao bank card was fraudulent, the bank shall assume full responsibility for the case, hope to be able to continue to improve, forced bank security technology level of bank card as soon as possible.         in March this year, the public Mr. Zhou in Guangzhou, Nansha, when the rest of the house, suddenly received a bank card consumer SMS, up to 66 yuan of the amount of consumption. Due to the theft problem for compensation brush, Mr. Zhou and someone’s Bank of large differences, the two sides in court. In July, Mr. Zhou received a trial of Shenzhen Longgang district court verdict, found the cardholder does not bear the liability for the matter, someone’s bank shall compensate all depositors deposit losses and the corresponding interest, and compensate depositors rights lawyer fees. (August 30th "information times")       bank card stolen brush, such news often hit the newspapers, but banks often put the blame on depositors, and can come up with the bank’s internal regulations as a basis. As a result, depositors encounter bank cards stolen brush, etc., the right to say. This time, the bank is not so lucky, not only by the court to compensate the loss of depositors, but also to bear the plaintiff’s attorney fees. Then, again after this case, the bank is not related to the long point memory, long "eye"?         in fact, the bank is not willing to see this happen, but after a problem to shirk responsibility, is rational economic man It’s only human. The bank should bear full responsibility, the logic here, first, the principle of fault, it is clear that depositors have no fault; two is the most capable of avoiding accidents, who should bear the responsibility. Depositors prevent bank card loss, password disclosure responsibility, but no ability to avoid bank card being copied; and production, to provide bank card bank, should be in the technology to prevent responsibility, improve the security level. So, whether it is considered on the technical side of the bank to prevent the week, or the level of technology behind, this is its own problems, and not related to depositors.         the public with some banks’ right to say "the problem is, when our money entrusted to you to take care of, you don’t take good care of and stolen, but let us take responsibility, this is what logic? Depositors holding cards or folded to the bank to withdraw money, the bank said the money is gone. Thus, the two sides debate: the thief stole the money or the bank’s money? In fact, the problem is not complicated: money deposited in the bank, the bank and the depositors contract relationship, if the bank can not guarantee the safety of depositors deposits, depositors dare to put money in the bank. In this case, the Shenzhen Longgang District Court bank depositors take full responsibility, the bank card stolen brush on that: the depositor will deposit into bank deposits, formed a contractual relationship between the parties, the bank is obliged to ensure the safety of deposits." theory相关的主题文章: