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The bank will split the international exchange bank listed in Hong Kong 90% shares for the international offering of Bank of Communications (Shanghai: 60132803328.HK) August 25th announcement that the meeting of the board of directors by splitting a wholly-owned Affiliated Companies bocom listed overseas bills listed in Hongkong preliminary proposals, the IPO shares 90% shares for the international offering, while the remaining 10% open in Hongkong for the sale of existing shareholders to obtain according to the Listing Rules of Hongkong guarantee quota (depending on the Hongkong stock exchange shareholders approval or exemption). Group pointed out that the size of the issue will not exceed 28% of the total issued share capital after the issue, the specific time to issue the listing will be based on foreign capital market conditions, the progress of the approval process. Proceeds will be used for the development of investment banking, securities brokerage, asset management, investment and financing business. In addition, the bank also announced that the board of directors has approved non wholly owned Affiliated Companies Xinjiang Shihezi Bank town bank ", the National SME share transfer system listed and public transfer advice. The bank holds Shihezi Bank town bank 51% of the shares, the latter mainly in Xinjiang in the Shihezi area to absorb public deposits, and issuance of short-term, medium-term and long-term loans for domestic settlement, bill acceptance and discounting, engaged in lending, engaging in bank card business; proxy issue, cash and sell government bonds, and the receipts and payments and the insurance agency business etc.. According to the bank announced 25 days at the end of June for the period of interim results, net profit recorded 37 billion 661 million yuan, up 0.9%, better than the market expected, no interim dividend. Net interest income fell 4.1% to $68 billion 148 million during the period, pre tax profit rose from $48 billion 497 million to $0.43%. Earnings per share of 0.5 yuan.相关的主题文章: