The beauty of Chinese backyard drying bacon disturb the media do not know the parties complained Bei-chompoo araya

The beauty of Chinese backyard drying bacon disturb the media: do not know the parties complaint – Beijing, Beijing, 30 October, according to the U.S. Chinese network reported recently, the United States of New York, Queens of a Chinese family with a backyard drying bacon, but was opposed by the neighbors, neighbors will matter in social media exposure sparked heated debate also, from the mainstream media to interview. About this incident, the Chinese family and neighbors each one sticks to his argument. The parties said they did not know their complaints. Reported that this month 24 days, a New York Queens town residents in social media complaints about its Chinese neighbors drying bacon in the backyard, said the move is not sanitary, the smell will provoke rats and flies, let some other ethnic neighbors very dissatisfied, have a neighbor called to report telephone reflect, also contacted the elected officials. This group of photos quickly attracted hundreds of comments, but also attracted an interview with the English media. According to reports, the households living in the Chinese family next door neighbor Jean Difoke (Gene Difolco) said that these bacon attracted flies and mice so that he and other neighbours are very troubled, he tried to communicate with the Chinese family, but there is no effect, so he had to contact the media, see if they can help solve the problem. U.S. media reports triggered some of the Chinese immigrants living habits of criticism, but Jean Difoke said that he is not against the Chinese, just don’t want life affected. In the report of the Chinese homes, backyard and front porch hung bacon have removed. This family’s wife said, she immigrated to the United States for more than a year before, and Mr. moved to white rock, only a month. Not long ago, a friend to see their backyard is spacious, so please help them bask in a little bacon. After drying out of bacon, who lived in their left neighbors are very interested in, and there is no objection, but they do not know this annoyed neighbors on the right, but did not think they did not tell her greeting, just to make big things. The woman was also surprised that she had been on the English language television station because of such a small thing, but she also understood that she was unhappy with her neighbors. "They may be taboo this, we do not know, not in the sun on the line." Local Chinese neighbors said, this thing no matter who is right, now there are more and more Chinese immigrants into the United States, hope that Chinese new immigrants can retain the traditional habits at the same time, try to do as the Romans do, take care of the neighborhood feel, in order to better integrate into mainstream society.相关的主题文章: