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The biggest enemy is the parents’ education, maternal and child temper – Sohu public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) is a thing that is a loss of free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand in this world, it is a temper. So is the education of children, education is the biggest enemy of temper temper is bigger, the worse effect of education. Is a thing that is losing money – – – this world, that is the temper? 1, a temper, seven damage. Educational experts point out that poverty does not lead to failure in education, but that mental ill – will necessarily creates a problem – child. Let the child live in the spirit of abuse, just as she walked in chains. A lot of parents to the child’s willful, disobedient, mischievous blame on the child, in fact, every child behind the problem, there must be a problem parents, this is the law of iron. It is inevitable that there will be a spiritual child who, after suffering mental abuse, will move toward a negative, pessimistic world. 2, bad temper will inherit. What kind of environment, what kind of baby. Love temper parents, the baby easy education rebellious, sensitive, suspicious and love for a fragile heart. At the same time, when the child grows up, his temper is very hot and harsh. Severe allergic neuropathy is likely to occur, tend to their turn for parents, grandparents will inherit the bad temper, "gates of fire, adverse impacts to fish, and the child is our bad temper the hardest hit. As Montessori said: every character defect is caused by the tragedy of childhood. 3, bad temper is the strongest weapon of parent-child relationship. Bad temper, so that children do not dare to close, do not dare to open your heart with you, always in fear of fear, no sense of security, there will be a variety of problems in the growth. There are many such examples: parents being larger, more unruly children; parents more flustered, children more difficult; parents being upgraded, child’s bad behavior followed grew. I remember my neighbor has a little boy, a very naughty, then my father actually tied him up with ropes, but this child has not been playing clothes, Bianguai, and only to the third grade, the son is completely not to go to school. The ideological education of parents into a strange habit, he thinks that children don’t have to roar, scold, scold the "force" is not enough, began to play, and later pursued "sticks to the child, in fact he did not know the direction reversed, the stronger the situation worse. Adults should give children more patience, tolerance and trust, while watching the children make mistakes and not immediately corrected, parents is a test of endurance, but we have to believe that children have the ability to self correct, human growth is a continuous process of self-examination and self correction, we should respect the child’s right to enjoy the process. The attitude adjustment – – and there are many methods of temper will be small change bad temper? 1, the temper for communication to lose his temper is like throwing rubbish everywhere, is very bad behavior. Children should not be our negative emotions trash can, and painting相关的主题文章: