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"The Bourne 5": to discuss the matter of national privacy "the Bourne 5" poster after fourth of home, Matt Damon suddenly killed a huimaqiang, let this thought the unfinished classic spy series and glow second spring. After fourteen years of fighting and selfless Bourne, Matt Damon is already no longer the old meat golden boy, this time the director of the Matt Damon lens does not avoid eye wrinkles, more distressing, after the loss of his wife and eight years, and Bourne finally in the battle to establish feelings Nicky suddenly became the enemy gun sword. What is a Bourne alone, to withstand this world does not distinguish self alone and helpless? The identity problem of Bourne from the first suspension to date, in addition to search for identity, each department will have new problems forced Bourne shot — second for himself and Nicky washed, third is to give his girlfriend Marie revenge, fourth Bourne leave but the related reasons, this one is return to the Avengers, from third sets, for his father and Nicky revenge became his greatest mission at the same time, through a new actress Heather’s mouth, that is towards a return. Then again, want to fade out of Bourne can not fade, want to return to the Bourne may not be returned to. And we have been accustomed to walk in the CIA system outside Bourne, suddenly Zhaoan, inevitably fall into the iron man and Captain America like schizophrenia. Despite the fifth carriages of the old trailer, "the Bourne 5" did not drop the ball. Mirror mode hand pick the shoulder to carry forward, and more mature technology to give the audience a strong sense of participation, in addition to melee of nerve tingling, two big enough to play "the Bourne 5" stand in the forest of contemporary film agent. A Greek square riots in the pursuit, swarm of the public, such as the complexity of scheduling, are top making considerations. The two is the end of the chapter climax racing games, a feud driving car rampage in the explosion, such as heavy traffic in downtown Las Vegas into a place where there is no one, one side is the ordinary car driving Bourne a mantis trying to stop a chariot fighting for them. For the other agents, a few cars be shovel the close-up explained, "the Bourne 5" but as spring plow speed, shovel down in the streets of Las Vegas road. "The Bourne 5" and the advancing side, and the synchronous evolution network era, and through the "deep Monternet" proposed new topics – the protection of personal privacy. The film has a high depth of cooperation with the CIA IT tycoon, the upcoming release of highly personal privacy protection "Monternet which directly related to people’s interests monitoring Donne, Bourne had not timely shot, and a framed assassination almost. This seems a movie proposition of the other side of the ocean, in fact, with people around the world are closely related, "the Bourne 5" is not only the memory of Bourne recourse to personal privacy issues, but on the age of the Internet is national privacy. (Geoff) (commissioning editor: small 000)相关的主题文章: