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The British National luxury bed VISPRING with your co British Culture Salon – time Sohu has stepped into the winter, in the cold winter, with friends the most beautiful than the afternoon sunshine together. In the afternoon of Saturday November 12, 2016 and Sunday November 13th afternoon in Home Furnishing Klass flagship store and the North Fourth Ring house, held the British luxury bed VISPRING brand to create exclusive fine afternoon the British dream enjoy time salon, let you together with the new and old friends at the same time, take you to experience the gorgeous British culture, tasting the hundred years of ingenuity sewing technology. The British National luxury brand tool — VISPRING, it has more than and 100 years of history, the use of Shetland Islands (Platinum Certified platinum certification wool British wool was regarded as the world’s top wool) and Austria Moosburger (horsehairs world’s top horse tail hair) handmade mattress brand. The emphasis is to invite from the British National VISPRING top luxury bed bed sewing technician Mr. Matthew himself from the British VISPRING factory flew to Beijing for the guests to present VISPRING proud of sewing technology introduces the process and experience making top handmade mattresses, to share with you how to create a beautiful and comfortable Home Furnishing life. In addition to the demonstration technician Matthew, guests can also personally experience the process of sewing mattresses, close contact with the inner beauty of the VISPRING mattress. In a cup of pure English style afternoon tea, in addition to with dessert, of course not a bunch of elegant bouquet. The Queen’s favorite bouquet, which has become an indispensable part of English life. The event also invited artists for his guests to make box as a gift to the guests. Flowers are pure handicraft production, simple and mysterious and elegant. Faint fragrance as pure as first love, anyone will be intoxicated. Through the ingenious floral bouquet collocation, is a scene, is a story. To commemorate a variety of beautiful moments in life. Flowers can be used not only to give, more can be used to entertain themselves, and bring the punchline for the early winter Home Furnishing life. The event also ad hoc exclusive hat modeling X British fun photo link, hat culture has a long history and tradition in Britain, a hat is not only a lady dressed in the indispensable decoration, according to the noble tradition, a symbol of social status or hat. The guests can be wearing a delicate hat, leaving beautiful shadow. This is Klaas Home Furnishing together Fraicheur · Fei Cui for your presentation; retro and modern style of all kinds of hats and headgear, hope to bring the beauty of each person "fresh" every day.相关的主题文章: