The Champions League – midfielder Hart broke through Manchester score 6-0 Toure played (video)-roselip

The Champions League – midfielder Hart broke through Manchester score 6-0 Toure Manchester City (data) [collection] Manchester City players celebrate the goal score 6-0 Hart scored for the promotion midfielder Toure Tencent sports news August 25th Beijing time on August 25th at 2 a.m. 452016-17 season in the Champions League qualifying playoff second leg, Manchester City 1-0 home court Steaua Bucharest, qualify for the two round of 6-0. Delph broke, Izzy nocchio back injury. Compared with the first round, Manchester City 8 rotation, concern Hart and Yaya Toure this season for the first time on behalf of the city played for Aguero, Izzy nocchio front, Navas and nolito wings. Ninth minutes, Kolarov pass, Izzy nocchio area before turning his right foot shot from cocho Carew will catch the ball. Eleventh minutes, nolito feint, yayatoure free kick 25 yards Leipzig right foot, the ball in front of the ball slightly out of the bottom line. Twenty-fifth minutes, Navas right cut pass in the penalty area, a fine volley woshe nolito, Kojo Carew will catch the ball. Forty-third minutes, Nobel in protract restricted area, yayatoure box header ferry, Izzy nocchio in front of Qiangdian Gongmen behind the beat. Fifty-fifth minutes, Izzy nocchio wearing crotch area before sent Zhise, Delph homeopathic fire ball into the box, the bottom line was goalkeeper. Fifty-sixth minutes, Yaya Toure Zhise, Izzy nocchio heel back, Navas right pass, before Delph beautiful shakes Leipzig succeeded, 1-0! Seventy-sixth minutes, Isi Nacho in the absence of the ball accidentally injured, then he was replaced by Phil Nandy Neo. The line-up of Manchester City (4231): 1-: 50-: goalkeeper Hart defender Maffei Austria, 24- stones (53- 60 11-, Rabbi A De Oyo) 22- Chrissy Kolarov, midfielder: 6- Fernando, 42- midfielder Yaya Toure: 15- Navas, 18- Delph, 9- Norito (69- Angeli Nobel 60′): 72- (Izzy nocchio striker 25- Phil Nandy Neo 76′) Steaua Bucharest (4231): goalkeepers: 12- cocho Carew defenders: 19- (10- Stancu 53′), Aganovic 4-, Tamas 3- and 15- Mo Muci Boris mitrea Camacho 55- Boer Ferran Lou midfielder: 5- long, 11- ha Mu Su Li (20- 62′, 23- Achim) – Popescu 77- (Austria ovidiu PopA 53’44-: 9-), Ainaqie striker Tudori (Kerlon)相关的主题文章: