The court also sentenced 2 million 220 thousand courts of justice, but also the implementation of th

The court also sentenced 2 million 220 thousand courts but the implementation of the bribery of 5 million female judges – Sohu news Xinhua county prosecutor’s office, said the case, the case was handed over to the Loudi intermediate people’s Court Executive Assistant Judge Li Chang handle. Xie Maihua knows the court Peng companies up to 2 million 220 thousand liability, but he hopes to Peng company in Zhuzhou Lusong State-owned Assets Investment Development Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the company’s 5 million yuan Lusong) performance bond, perform all to him". So, he found Li chang. Previously, Xie Maihua learned that Peng company has 5 million performance bond in Lusong company, in order to make about 4000000 yuan of debt, he was back in January 26, 2014, on the application of the property prior to the court in Lianyuan, Loudi, Lianyuan City Court and to freeze the 5 million yuan Lusong company. Since the Lianyuan City Court has no jurisdiction, just to the Loudi intermediate people’s court. According to the Xinhua County Procuratorate, Xie Li Chang Maihua about meeting in Loudi municipal Party school door of the restaurant, clearly put forward their own requirements, and then promised to give Li Chang benefits. Li Chang agreed, and asked the company prior to Maihua Xie Lusong lay the greeting, in order to Lusong company with the implementation, not the implementation of objection. Xie Maihua said, will coordinate the Lusong company. The second day, Xie Maihua came to Zhuzhou, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of the company about Lusong Tang Fulin dinner. Lusong Corporation is a state-owned company. Early in the first trial, during the Mid Autumn Festival, Xie Maihua is looking for Tang Fulin, and gave the soup 10 $2000 red envelopes, totaling 20000 yuan, let Tang Fulin get some other leadership Lusong company, in order to perform day after. The find Tang Fulin, Xie Maihua clearly said that next week Loudi Court Executive Board judges to perform Peng company that 5 million yuan deposit, hope to help coordinate the soup and willing to give 400 thousand yuan reward. After Tang Fulin promised, Xie Maihua phoned to inform Li Chang, Lusong company has coordinated well, it can be performed in the past. It is worth mentioning that the process of the implementation of this excess of operations, Xie also joined Xie Jiansheng, another creditor Xie Jun full participation. Xie Maihua said to Xie Jun, "Lusong companies freeze money back, according to Xie Jiansheng in writing after the deduction of expenses apportionment." "500 well execution risk is too big, need 400 thousand commissions" according to the Xinhua County Procuratorate, Li Chang in the debtor to Xie Jiansheng and Peng Yu company to serve the notice of execution and without executive board collegiate panel under the condition that the draft (2015) No. 262nd Hunan Lou executive ruling by the executive approved by the bureau deputy director in charge of Liu Jingxing and Secretary Xiao Xuejun, made the extraction of the debtor Peng Yu company in Lusong company performance bond 5 million yuan ruling also made (2015) No. 262nd executive Lou Reed song request a notice for assistance in execution, to assist in the implementation of the company. In August 19, 2015, Li Chang and Li Feng Xie Maihua, the executive judge and Xie Jun went to Zhuzhou Lusong company, will implement the ruling, assist in the implementation of the notice sent to Tang Fulin. Tang Fulin proposed Peng Yu gong.相关的主题文章: